Syed Alaol
Jul 14, 2018

Syed Alaol (সৈয়দ আলাওল) was a famous poet in Bengal during the medieval age. He is called the “Pandit Kabi” of that age of Bengali literature. “Pandit Kabi” means “Wise Poet”. He was born in 1607. His native village is possibly at Jalalpur village Faridpur District of Bangladesh. His father was the ruler Majlis Qutb of Fatwabad. He is measured to be one of the most creative medieval Bengali poets. Most of his poems combine feeling with intelligence. Alaol and his father was kidnapped by Portuguese pirates and taken to Arakan. After that Alaol occupied as a bodyguard for short time. But he achieved reputation as a poet. His skill was recognized first by a minister of Arakan called Solaiman.

During his life he made several award winning work for the bangle literature. The most important work of Alaol was Padmavati. It is based on Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padmavat. He also began writing the Saifulmuluk Badiuzzamal. It is an edition of a Persian work of the same during this period. He translated many books during Shah Shuja rule.

After the killing of Shah Shuja in1660, Alaol was also terrified by the Arakan court. He spent his last days in the court. He wrote his last work Sikandarnama according to Ahmed Sharif. That was a translation of Eskander-nama by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi. He translated the Haftapaykar from Persian as Saptapaykar in Bengali at Magan Thakur request. In the eulogy of Saptapaykar, Alaol mentioned the arrival of Mughal prince Shah Shuja in Arakan. In 1659, Shah Shuja took shelter in the court at Arakan.

His poems draw upon his deep rendezvous with Sufism. After Syed Alaol death “Alaol Hall” of Chittagong University in Bangladesh named after him. An important Bangladeshi literary prize; the “Alaol Puroshkar” is named after him also.

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