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Syed Alaol

Syed Alaol, Medieval Poet

Dec 17, 2017

Syed Alaol was a poet in Bengal during the age of medieval. He is called the Pondit Kobi or Wise Poet of medieval Bengali journalism. There is a thought he was born around 1607 in Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. Poddobhoti is his most well known work. It represents the story of Poddobhoti. She was the queen of Chittor and Sinhala princess and. Alaol is measured to be one of the most creative medieval Bengali poets.

He was probably born in Fatwabad Pargana at Jalalpur village of Faridpur District. His father was a ruler of Fatwabad and the minister of Majlis Kutub. Alaol learnt Bangla, Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit. He was also familiar with the arts of music and war. He was kidnapped by Portuguese pirates and taken to Arakan. Alaol worked as a bodyguard for a short time. But gradually his reputation spread as a poet. His talent was recognized by Solaiman first. He was a minister of King Shrichondro Sudhormo of the Mrauk-U dynasty of Arakan.

Alaol was the most creative medieval Bangla writer. The Ragtalnama was of his first piece of writing on music. His other works were on translations of books. He finished Shoti Moyona o Lor-Chondrani in 1659. He converted Tohfa. He also started writing the Saifulmuluk Badiuzzamal. He transformed the Haftapaykar from Persian in Bengali on request. After the killing of Shah Shuja in 1660, he was thrown out from the Arakan court. Sayed Masud Shah gave him protection. He was a minister of the Arakan king. Alaol completed his unfinished work on that period.

Alaol was died in 1673 when he was sixty six years old. The Alaol Puroshkar is named after him. It is an important Bangladeshi literary Award. There is a student hostel named Alaol Hall at the Chittagong University is named after him in Bangladesh.


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