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Surja Sen

Surja Sen

Aug 07, 2016

Surya Sen was a famous Bengali freedom fighter. Surya Sen was an Indian independence campaigner and the chief designer of the anti British freedom movement in Chittagong of Bangladesh.

Surya Sen was born on March 22nd in 1894 at Chittagong district. The nick name or famous name of Surya Sen was Masterda Surya Sen. Surya Sen father’s name was Ramaniranjan Sen. He was a local citizen and a teacher of Noapara, Chittagong.

In 1916, Surya Sen was invited to join the revolutionary activities. Over that time he was an intermediate student of Chittagong College. Surya Sen grateful by upholding the flag of the famous innovative group named as Anushilan Shamity. Surya Sen joined to the Jugantar group when he went to Behrampore College for a B.A. Course.

The major success of Surya Sen in the anti-British radical fight in 1930 by the Chittagong armory attacks on 18th April. Surya Sen protested to the jalalabad hills along with his fellow innovative to ensuing to the attack. On 22nd April Surya Sen runaway from there when the fight with the British groups.

Main activities of Surya Sen was participated as robbery of the police armoury, raid on the armory of the secondary forces, absorb the telephone and telegraph building, attacks to the European Club and other.

Surya Sen was continually changing his location by moving from one place to another. During his movement Surya Sen he has been changing his profession randomly as workman, farmer, milkman, priest, house worker and pious Muslim.

Surya Sen laid a countrywide non cooperation group as an innovative. Later in 1933 Surya Sen was hanged by the British Government at Chittagong Jail. In 1977, India Government discharged a memorial stamp in his memory. Later in 1999, Bangladesh Government also has done like that.

The Government of Bangladesh selected the Chittagong Central Jail as a memorial of Surya Sen. At the University of Dhaka there has built a student hall named Surya Sen Hall. In West Bengal of India there is also a metro rail station named as Masterda Surya Sen Metro Station. Surya Sen Park in Siliguri is another memorandum of this innovative hero.


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