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Shahebzada Mohammad Ali

Shahebzada Mohammad Ali

Dec 28, 2017

Shahebzada Mohammad Ali Bogra was a notable East Pakistani politician. He was also known as Mohammad Ali of Bogra. He was a diplomat and statesman from East Pakistan now Bangladesh. He was the third Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was also the ambassador to Burma, Canada and United States. Mohammad Ali Bogra also served as the EAM of Pakistan under President Ayub Khan.

Mohammad Ali Bogra studied at Presidency College at Calcutta. He was chosen to the Bengal Legislative Assembly in 1937 from Bogra. He was a rector in the cupboard of Prime Minister H. S. Suhrawardy. He opposed the statement of Urdu as the sole authorized language of Pakistan. He also formulated the Bogra Formula for Pakistan to approve a central creation and began peace talks with India on the Kashmir difference.

Mohammad Ali Bogra was born in 1909 in Barisal. His grandfather was one of the founders of the Dhaka University. Ali grew up in the Bogra Estate. He studied at Hastings House and a Madrassa in Kolkata. He went to Presidency College in Calcutta University.

Mohammad Ali Bogra fought elections from Bogra in 1937. He was elected as a hostility MLA in the Bengal Legislative Assembly since the Muslim league. His father was an associate of the assembly’s higher house from the decision Krishak Praja Party. Ali afforded in fighting until 1943. On that time the Muslim League gained authority and he was made parliamentary desk to the Chief Minister of Bengal. He joined the H. S. Suhrawardy Ministry, asset the collections of health, finance, and local government. As health rector, he founded the Calcutta Lake Medical College and Dhaka Medical College and.

After his resignation, Ali returned to his post as ambassador to the US. He temporarily served as foreign minister under President Ayub Khan until his death in Dhaka in 1963. He was succeeded by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He died by heart attack on 23rd January in 1963.


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