Nov 30, 2018

Salda Nadi Gas Field

Recently natural gas is the only native non-renewable resource of energy in Bangladesh. It is being produced and consumed in major quantities. Gas is the main source of commercial energy. It plays a dynamic role growth economic condition of Bangladesh. As a developing country currently, about ninety per cent of power generation is based on natural gas in Bangladesh. Total of the urea fertilizer requirement of the agricultural is met by gas. The capacity of process plant is 20 MMSCFD.

Salda Nadi Gas Field is the natural gas field in Bangladesh. It was discovered in 1996.The production from here started on 28th March 1998 by BAPEX. Bapex Petroleum Company Govt. owned company authorized for refining and distributing. Natural gas outputs about seventy per cent of commercial energy supply at present in this country. Existing gas reserve has been guess at about 22.90 TCF of which 13.60 TCF is measured as recoverable. There are four wells prepared for production. But from one well it is producing gas. About 4.50 MMSCF gas has been producing from here. It is a TEG Type Gas Dehydration Plant project. But cumulative Production in December 2017 is 90.13 BCF.

Up to now 2.72 TCF has already been consumed. The recoverable backup was 10.87 TCFBy September of 1996. New discovery fields are Sangu Shahbazpur, Shaldanadi and other blocks. These may enlarge the gas reserve to numerous times the present reserve. This will allow generation of more electricity and setting up of new urea plants.

Saldanadi gas field is situated beside the India-Bangladesh border of Brahmanbaria District under Kashba Thana. The structure was selected for assessment drilling after valuation of seismic data collected during 1991-1992 field term by BAPEX. So, drilling was started in 1996 and a probable gas backup was discovered at a depth of 2511 meters. After revising the data, a preliminary appraisal of gas standby was given at 0.202 TCF.

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