Rash Mela In Bangladesh

Rash Mela In Bangladesh

Feb 04, 2017

Bangladesh is the festive ground. The people observe many colorful festivals through the whole year. The land of spread population and they perform individual cultural characteristics. One of these is Rash Mela. It has religious implication. It’s held by positions of Rash Lila or Purnima.

Rash Mela is mostly renowned by the Bishnupriya group. It is Manipuri Hindu society in Bangladesh. Rash Purnima is held on the day of full moon. It is in the Bangle month of Kartik. On English calendar it is late autumn or middle October to median November. It observed in honor of Lord Krishna and his everlasting love Sri Radhika.

The festival begins in the afternoon. It starts with a dance showing Lord Krishna’s tarnished young life. Children are dressed up as Krishna and execute in front of hundreds of dedicatees. Rash Nritya is a Manipuri style dance executed by young girls wearing traditional Manipuri clothes.

Rash Mela is mostly celebrated in Dublarchar at sundarban, komalganj at Maulvibazar and kalapara at kuakata. This is the major festival of Manipuri. This festival is also notable in the district Cooch Behar at West Bengal in India.

Today the festival has taken the form of common festivity while in older days was only restricted to majestic families .There are three days long Rash Mela held each year at Kalapara and Dublarchar. As a tourist spot in kalapara this festival is co-organized by local government. It is a main seasonal appeal of Kuakata. Visitor comes here from all over the country every day. Local management takes appropriate security for the visitors.

There exists road communication between Dhaka and Patuakhali district control center. But the journey may be long and a crumb hectic. A much easier way is to go to Barisal by air. Visitors can also use the water transport. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation may arrange guide package tours from Dhaka to Kuakata on require.


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