Rajshahi Division
Jan 11, 2013

Rajshahi division is one of the largest divisions of Bangladesh. Rajshahi division is situated in the Middle Western corner of Bangladesh. Rajshahi division splits the Indian boarder in the west portion. The division was formed as administrative unit in 1829.

On the south of the Rajshahi division the famous river Padma is situated. The Jamuna River is flowing through the eastern border. Beside the Padma and Jamuna; Atrai, Mahananda Alloys Rivers are also flowing through the Rajshahi division.

Rajshahi division is consisted with eight division as well as Rajshahi, Sirajganj, Bogra, Joypurhat, Natore, Naogaon and Chapainawabganj. There are one City Corporation, thirty nine parliamentary seats, fifty nine municipalities, five hundred and sixty four unions in Rajshahi division. Rajshahi division spades over eighteen square kilometers. About eighteen million people of different classes are living in this division.

Rajshahi division is a historical division. It is also a tourism region. A Buddhist monastery name as Sompur Bihar, Varenda research Museum, Mahasthangarh, Sona Mosque, Baro Shibaloy, Chalan Beel, Kusumba Mosque, Bagh Mosque and other historical places are situated in Rajshahi division.

The second largest university Rajshahi University is located at Rajshahi division. Beside these there are many schools, Colleges, engineering institute, madrasas and other technical institutes have built at Rajshahi division. Around 6 institutes and 50 disciplines institutions are established in Rajshahi division.

Rajshahi division is famous for the mango and lichi and other fruits. But other vegetables like rice, potato, onion, sugarcane, wheat, spice, banana, pulse are also cultivating in this region. The Joypurhat district of Rajshahi division is known as Food Storehouse of Bangladesh.

Many notable persons have born in the region. Some of them are Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, Singer James,            Bidya Sinha Mim and other. People of different culture and religion are living in Rajshahi divisiion.

There is an Airport situated in the Rajshahi city corporation. People can easily travel to Rangpur division and Dhaka division. People also move to everywhere of the country by bus, train and personal vehicle through highway and railway.


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