Jul 13, 2018

Rafiq Uddin Ahmed (রফিক উদ্দীন আহমেদ) was the language fighter of the Bengali Language Movement.  He was killed Pakistani police on 21th in 1952. His sacrifice never been forgotten for Bangladeshi people. He is the language Martyr of Bangladesh. Rafiq Uddin Ahmed was born on 30th October in 1926. Rafiq Uddin Ahmed was born in Rafiqnagar village of Singair in Manikganj District.

Rafiq Uddin Ahmed was completed his matriculation degree from Baira School in 1949. After that he studied Intermediate level from Debendra College. But he was dropped out before finishing. He moved to Dhaka. He started working at his fathers’ printing press. During that period people of East Bangle wanted to Bengali Language will be the major language. But the Pakistani Government didn’t wish that. Many arguments were arisen between the people of East Bangle. But Pakistani law insisted them against that. The student of Dhaka declared to make a rally for the demand of Bengali language. But a curfew was announced by the police on 21th February in 1952. But students bought out an objection demanding Bengali language given the rank of national language. Police opened fire at the rally in front of Dhaka Medical College building. Rafiq was shot in the head and died on the spot. At Azimpur Graveyard he was buried under guard of Pakistan Army. But his grave, however, was lost and could not be finding out later.

Rafiq Uddin Ahmed was awarded Ekushey Padak in 2000 for his sacrifice of mother language. Shaheed Rafiq Smriti Pathagar is a library in Manikganj named after him. It was established in 2004. Bhasha Shaheed Rafiq Uddin Ahmad Library and Memorial Museum was created in his village Rafiqnagar. It was opened on February 2010. A drama named as “Chander Moto Chandro Bindu” is played based on his memoirs.

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