Nov 30, 2018

Natural resources and their supervision are the most essential for a country. Bangladesh inhabits a bigger part of natural resource of the Bengal basin geographically. There are many states which are directly depends on natural resources. Bangladesh is a developing country with a small area. The Natural Resources of Bangladesh are categorized as renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable natural resources are included as Energy, Fish, Forest, Land and Water. Nonrenewable natural resources are Coal, petroleum, oil, natural gas Rock, Sand etc.

Economic Development of Bangladesh depends on these natural resources. Bangladesh has a huge possibility for renewable energy. For the huge requirement of energy Bangladesh government setup many power stations and energy situations. Beside this solar power, biogas system, wind energy, biomass process, micro hydro etc. fulfill a single portion of energy requirement of Bangladesh. The inland fishery resources of this country are measured to be outrivaling of the world. The total forestland includes state lands and homestead forests, tea and rubber gardens. Sundarban is the biggest forest resource. The water sources are groundwater, surface water and rainwater.

On the other hand natural gas has a fundamental role to play in socioeconomic development of energy. The use of natural gas accelerates the economic development. There are twenty gas fields including 79 gas wells were founded.  The Petroleum product as well as oil is discovered at Haripur in Sylhet. About 1.3 million metric tons of crude oil has been imported yearly from Bangladesh. Like natural gas, this country has significant coal reserve. Geologically there are four coalfields in Bangladesh. White Clay arises in Sherpur, Dinajpur, Netrokona and Chittagong district. Glass sand discovered at Balijuri, Shahjibazar, Chauddagram, Maddhyapara and Barapukuria. The Limestone has founded in Sunamgonj, Takergat, Jahanpur, Paranagor, Joypurhat and St. Martin’s Islands. Limestone is a very important mineral resource for cement industry. It has founded in Taker Ghat, Lalghat and Bangli Bazar, Jaypurhat and Saint-Mertine. Peat, Hard rock, Metallic minerals, Construction sand, Beach sand, Brick clay and Black gold are naturally found in Bangladesh.

Natural resource makes Bangladesh resourceful. As a developing country these are reduce much import cost. Not only that but also a large number of people make their livelihoods and professions beyond these natural resources. Bangladesh government has been trying to maintain these resources properly.

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