Nabanna In Bangladesh

Nabanna In Bangladesh

Jan 17, 2017

Nabanna is a Bengali harvest celebration. Usually it is celebrated with food and dance and music in Bangladesh and in West Bengal of India. It is a celebration of new food collection. Many local preparation activities of Bengali cuisine like Pithe are cooked and offered on this festival day. This festival has taken a vast place into the Bengali culture.

Nabanna is a much admired ceremony between the Hindu rice growers. It usually honors the Goddess Lakshmi. She indicates wealth and richness. A society cannot enjoy the new rice crop awaiting Lakshmi. It is first accessible Nabanna. It takes place during Bengali month named as Agrahayana. It falls between November and December English calendar. It is a non mutual festival in Bengal.

Nabanna is celebrated with a mela called Nabanna Mela. It is one of the many festivals that gave the name “baro mase tero parban”. It means thirteen festivals in twelve months. This festival is little different from other ones.  It is not linked to a religion except such as Ratha Yatra. The villagers and city people both are the major religious groups connect with equal contribution. The festival gets a lot of sustain from the inventive army of Bengali culture.

Farmers will cut and peapod a special selection of rice. In some times, inherited forces and local deities are also the future receivers of the contribution. During the festival people celebrate this day showing greeting the moon with lamps. They also give gifts to children and present rice and other kinds of food to crows.

A number of poets, baul, musicians and artists flock to such accumulation gatherings. At Dhaka city it has been organizing by National Harvest Festival committee since 1998. Mr. Shahriar Salam is chief planner of the organization. There are enormous number of cultural activists, organizations and performing arts in a daylong celebration. Traditional Dance, Song and Rally has been arranging by the Committee. It is a non communal festival in Bengal.


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