Mustafizur Rahman

Mustafizur Rahman

Dec 17, 2015

Mustafizur Rahman:

Mustafizur Rahman
Mustafizur Rahman

Mustafizur Rahman was famous Bangladeshi songwriter and translator. He has born at Bhagwangola in West Bengal on 1st January 1939. Mustafizur Rahman father’s name was Keramutullaha Sorkar, He well known about French language. Mustafizur Rahman’s Uncle Moulavi Samsuddin Ahmed was first famous Bengali Muslim Archeology and Historical person. He was the first director of the Department of Antiquities of Pakistan. In 1947, after the partition his parents settled in the western city of Rajshahi.


Mustafizur Rahman completes his Secondary School Certificate from Rajshahi Collegiate School in 1953. In 1955 and 1957 he completes I.A and B.A from the traditional college in Rajshahi. In 1969 complete LLB graduation from University of Rajshahin with first class first. During the fifties century in Pakistan pried, to make the Bengali language as state language of Pakistan. Mustafizur Rahman was active participator of this movement. He was vocal against injustice since his student life.

Professional Life:

After his B.A graduation the next few years he served as headmaster of the Charghat School in Rajshahi district. In the last of sixties centaury Mustafizur Rahman was attended mass uprising against the military regime of Ajub Khan. In 1969 after publish his LLB result, government’s offer to join on the job but he refuges the offer and he devoted himself to practicing law in Rajshahi Judge Court.

After independence, he was did journalist job few days. In 1974 he served as assistant regional director in Rajshahi. In this time he was play vital role for folk festival in a big way and supervision have been completed successfully. Mostafujur Rahaman made a literary organization name “Uttara literary Majlis” with efforts of Rajshahi poets. In Rangpur, Dhaka and Chittagon he served as assistant regional director of Bangladesh Betar. End of 1996 in his last stage of job life, he served as Deputy Regional Director and retired from Chittagong radio stations.

Cultural practices:

Mustafizur Rahman, Ustad Abdul Malik Khan and Ustad Abdul Ajji Bachu play vital role to facilitate the study of music in Rajshahi. They establish an institute “Surbani Music School”. Mustafizur Rahman involve with many literature of certain organizations. Some of those organizations publish magazine under his editorship.

In 1970 there are more than one million people had died and thousands people were displaced in the cyclone. To help those people Mustafizur Rahman collect fund by street plays, songs and poems rendered. In 1969 during the uprising his songs inspired the whole nation. Mustafizur Rahman written drama has broadcast on the radio.

Contribute to Liberation:

Beginning the war of independence in 1971, he played vital role to mobilizing public opinion in favor of the people’s resistance in Rajshahi. Mustafizur Rahman involved with 7 Sector fewer than 4 sub-sectors. He fight with armed and his writing. His poems and songs inspire people. He write “Dristypath”, “dock defendant”, “Liberation Front”, News Review, “the executioner of the court”, “answer”, “golden Bengali” “Bengali village” etc. He also writes songs and translate English story.

Awards and honors:

In 1974, he was the best singwriter in Bangladesh Film Journalist Association. He earned awards and medals form Bangla Songstha Uttoron and movies. In 1987, He also get award from Bangladesh Writer Association for translated works.  In 1993, the overall action he was awarded from Rajshahi Writer Association. For his great work, he honored by posthumously in 12th December 2009.


After his retirement, he fell in serious ill. For his treatment, he was taken to Calcutta on 3rd October 1997. At this time he fails his two kidneys. He died on 12th December 1998 in Bangalore. The funeral was completed on December 16 and was buried him at Garibullah Shah Mazar in Chittagong.

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