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Ghughudanga Zamindar Bari

Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Ghugudanga

Dec 02, 2015

There was a popular politician in East Pakistan (Present Bangladesh) and he was member of the Ghugudanga Zemindar family. When Bangladesh was in East Pakistan he was a member of the East Pakistan Regional Assembly and also elected for Parliamentary Secretary. In Dinajpur there are number of social welfare organizations, he was the President and sometimes an active member of those organizations.


During the last Period of the British, undivided Dinajpur has 30 police stations and Ghugudanga Estate was most important among muslim Zemindars. After the partition in 1947, most of the areas of Ghugudanga Estate fell within Indian zone. During the liberation War the family members of Ghugudanga Zemindar help the freedom fighters by co-operation and shelter. As a result Pakistan Air Force destroyed by bombing the main building of residence of the Zemindar. After that, most of the families of Ghugudanga Zemindar started living in Eidghabosthi (Now Eidgha Residential Area).

Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury:

Ghughudanga Zamindar Bari
Ghughudanga Zamindar Bari

Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury was born in 1st February 1921. His father’s name is Mohiuddin Ahmed Chowdhury and mother’s name Ahimunnessa Chowdhurani. Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury was the eldest son. His grandfather and great-grandfather was Hajee Jamiruddin Chowdhury and Ful Mohammad Chowdhury respectively.

In 1937 Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury passed his matriculation from Dinajpur Zilla School and in 1942 passed B.A degree from Ripon College, Kolkata. In 1945 he completes his Master’s degree in Islamic History from the University of Calcutta.

Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury’s wife name Fatema Beguam. This couple had two daughters and one sone. Dr. Choudhury Mosaddequl Isdani is there only son. Dr. Chowdhury Mosaddequl Isdani was Chief Medical Officer at Dinajpur Regional Diabetics Hospital. Their two daughters are, Raheli Zannat and Maleka Parveen. Raheli Zannat is eldest.

At the British Period in undivided India, Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury had anti-British sentiment and then he involves with the Muslim League. From 1949 to 1954, he served as Honorary Magistrate in Magistrate’s Court at Dianjpur. In 1962, he was elected as Chairman of No. 6 Auliapur Union council. This is his own area. From 1962 to 1970, he was a Member of the East Pakistan Regional Assembly. He gets awarded Tamgha-e-Pakistan by the Pakistan government.

In 1971 during the liberation war Pakistani Air Force destroy Ghugudanga Zemindar’s Lodge for help the freedom fighters.

In 1977 to 1978 he was elected as a Member of Development Board in Rajshahi Division. He was also foundered president of National Heart Foundation in Dinajpur Branch, Dinajpur. In Dinajpur he was involved with number of social welfare organizations.

Moinuddin Ahmed Chowdhury died on 24th December 1998 at his residence. At the graveyard adjacent to Ghugudanga Zeminder’s Lodge he was laid to rest.


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