Martyred Intellectuals Day
Dec 02, 2017

Martyred Intellectuals Day is experiential on 14th December in Bangladesh. This day is celebrated to honor those intellectuals who were killed by Pakistani forces. They partners during the 1971 Liberation War, mainly on 25th March and 14th December in 1971. Just two days after the 14th December of this killing Bangladesh became independent. Pakistani forces and local associates like Al-Shams , Al-Badr, and Rajakar forces dedicated the killings aspiring at destroying the country’s scholarly class.

The Liberation War of Bangladesh started on 26th March in 1971. It ended with the victory of Bangladesh on 16th December. The Pakistani job forces and their local traitors as Al-Badr , Al-Shams and Razakar kidnapped and killed front-line Bengali scholarly. It happened on 14th December by sensing an looming beat.  They killed to professionals to cripple a child nation academically.

Famous academics, teachers, litterateurs, engineers, journalists, doctors and other well-known personalities were killed on that day. They were pulled out of their houses blindfolded and were killed before throwing away the bodies in Rayerbazar. Other killing arguments in Dhaka just two days forward of the final success of the liberation war of Bangladesh.

The liberation forces of enemy realize that, their beat is unavoidable. If these best intelligentsias of the country are left active, they would not be competent to survive in this country. The country will turn into wealth and credit from the damages of the war. So, they made the master planned by killing the nearly all intelligent personals of in most shocking way.

Every year the nation maintains this day with appropriate respect and deference remembers the intellectuals. This year Government of Bangladesh has taken many programs in to-do list to observe Martyred Intellectuals Day. Various social, cultural and political organizations also have taken special programs too.

A memorial known as the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial was built at Rayer Bazaar in Dhaka. It has built in remembrance of those were killed.


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