Dec 18, 2017

Manobik Abedon ( মানবিক আবেদন) means “Humanitarian Application” for  hopeless people. Illness never comes to anyone knocking their door. Some complex illnesses required major operations and blood needed for it. It is very impotent for the patient and patient’s relatives.  But, can the blood of desired group be collected?  The rush hour will started. Sometimes patients die after seeking for blood between blood banks and brokers. In most several time patients are suffering for poisonous blood. It is the common problem in Bangladesh. But the young generation of this country didn’t being silent. They make social group to reach those hopeless people seeking for blood for their dearest. They are trying to understand the requirement and reach them by fastest way to donate blood.

Manobik Abedon is the best social group in Bangladesh created to solve the lacking of blood into a hospital. It makes a strong and fastest communication procedure to reach the patient throughout the country. This group is self constructed. The members take own responsibility and method to reach the patients at any cost. This social group was started its journey in May 21, 2013 as “Blood Circulation” by Mirajus Salekin. After that it changed its activities and renamed in 2016. For the requirement of new generation it has exposed as Manobik Abedon Social Network.

The members and the volunteers are called “Blood Fighters” of Bangladesh. They are self motivated to donate blood. They are very responsible when anyone call them for blood. This Social group is reconstructed and operated by Bangladesh Information. In near future it will create as a social organization under Bangladesh Information Foundation. The slogan of this group is “People for People, Life for Life”. Voluntary blood donation is the greatest gift of humanity. Creating the social awareness it is inviting the young generation to donate blood. Members of this social network oath to nobody die due to lack of blood.


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