Manipuri People In Bangladesh

Manipuri People In Bangladesh

Feb 04, 2017

The Manipuri people are of Mongolian tumble. They speak a language called Meithei. Most Manipuri people lived in northeastern of India. The Manipuri ran away from their homeland. They rebuilt their society in the northeastern Indian kingdom of Manipur to settle in East Bengal. It was then ruled by Britain. East Bengal gained its freedom in 1947. At present most Manipuri people live in the district of Sylhet of northeastern region of Bangladesh.

The district of Sylhet is typified by rolling hills and is well-known for tea plantations and green tropical forests. Nearly all of the Manipuri peoples are farmers. They have a succeeded in growing crops of rice, tobacco, oranges sugarcane and pineapples.

In according to The Manipuri custom, they do not eat meat but they do eat fish. Manipuri people are ancient in that they tranquil wash their clothes and take bathe in the rivers. Their house of mud and reeds are usually built near the river’s border.

The Manipuri People have to find a spouse from another clan when it comes to marriage ceremonies. Because of they may not marry within their own clan. Manipuri enjoy their leisure and some of their activity involves boat racing, polo, drama and dancing. They are famous throughout the world for their beautiful expressive dances, which are closely tied to their religion. Their approach of dancing is very amiable and gentle. The topics are typically centered on the existence of the god Krishna.

The Manipuri are very pious people. They are in believed to have swapped to Hinduism in the sixteenth century. The elements of their pre-Hindu religion immobile stay today. They respect the Hindu gods but also respect many other gods of nature like snake. The Manipuri people are also very illogical. They frequently make their decisions by monitoring the positions of poultries’ feet based.


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