Jul 14, 2018

Mahfuz Anam is the Journalist, editor and publisher of The Daily Star. He was born on 18th June 1950 at Mymensingh the East Bengal, Dominion of Pakistan. He is also the publisher of Weekly 2000 and Anandadhara. He was the publisher of Bengali daily “Prothom Alo”. His daughter Tahmima Anam is an award-winning novelist and journalist. Mahfuz Anam is an affiliate of the Board of Trustees of Transparency International Bangladesh beside Sultana Kamal. Mahfuz Anam was nominated chairman of Asia News Network at a meeting of the board members of the organization for 2007.

Mahfuz Anam is son of honorable satirist and politician Abul Mansur Ahmed of Bengal. He was the honorable Litterateur, politician and journalist on that period. Mahfuz completed his MA from the University of Dhaka in economics. Consequently, he achieved proficiency in media planning and media development. He has chosen a long career as editor, journalist and publisher in Bangladesh. He is also a media expert for UNESCO. Anam is a TV interviewer at present. He is invited to speak in national and international forum on governance, human rights and associated issues regularly.

He speaks at a panel discussion on ATN News in 2016. Anam approved that reports published in The Daily Star in 2007. That was alleging sleaze by Sheikh Hasina. That was based on unconfirmed trickles fed by the military Directorate General of Forces Intelligence. He said “It was a big mistake” during the interview. As, seventy nine cases have been filed adjacent to him including seventy subversion and sixty two offense cases. He has refused to resign and has protected himself in editorials.

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