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Madhu Purnima

Madhu Purnima

Jan 17, 2017

Modhu Purnima is a Buddhist festival celebrated in Bangladesh. Especially it celebrates in the area of Chittagong. It takes place on the day of the full moon in the Bangla month of Bhadro. The month of August to September in English calendar are selected for this festival.

The day honors a time on which the Buddha withdrawer to the wilds of Parileyya forest to bring peace. A monkey and an elephant named Parileyyaka supply food him during this time. The elephant was bringing fruit and the monkey was bringing a honeycomb. The monkey was so animated when the Buddha recognized his gift that he began skip from tree to tree and fell to his death. However, he was instantly reborn in Tavatimsa as an effect of his kindness.

On this day the Bhikkhus of Kosambi finished their ranks and went to the Buddha in the forest to take a promise of agreement and support. In his lecture, Buddha was piercing to the elephant.

The monks sent an envoy to see the Buddha and request him to go back to the city. The elephant palilayaka was unhappy to see the Buddha go and followed him out of the forest and into the city. The Buddha told him about his limit. From here on is the region of man, which is a huge danger to animals such as it. As soon as the Buddha was out of view, his heart ruined and he died right there. The books state that the elephant and the monkey. After dying at that time, were reborn as devas in the Tavatimsa paradise. It is the history of Modhu Purnima.

Modhu Purnima is renowned as a joyous day of agreement and contributions. All Buddhists monitor it by carrying gifts of honey and fruit to temples or monasteries. Bangladeshi Buddhist is celebrating this day with great respect of Buddha every year.


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