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Lalon Shah

Lalon Shah

Aug 03, 2016

The Baul Shamrat Lalon Shah was born in 1774 during the British period. The title name of Lalon is Mahatma or Fakir. People know him as Lalon Fokir. Lalon Shah was a Bengali Baul saint, songwriter, magician, thinker and social reformer. Lalon Shah measured a standard icon of Bengali culture.

Lalon Shah motivated and influenced several social and religious thinkers including, poets as well as Kazi Nazrul Islam Rabindranath Tagore and Allen Ginsberg. Lalon Shah did not believe in classes or social orders and sectioned, hierarchical society and took place against discrimination. Lalon Shah rejected all features of caste and creed of the society.

Lalon Shah live in West Bengal and Bangladesh mostly. Lalon Shah established Lalon Akhrah institute at Cheuriya in Kushtia. Lalon Shah used folk instruments made named as ektara and the duggi (drum).

Lalon composed many poems and songs. The activities of Lalon Shah illustrate his philosophy. Lalon created at list two thousand to ten thousand songs. Eight hundred songs are usually judged real situation of people. There are no written copies of songs of Lalon Shah.  All activities of Lalon Shah Fakir were hand on verbally and by his fans. Rabindranath Tagore also brought out some Lalon songs in ‘Prabasi’ magazine of Kolkata.

Most famous songs of Lalon Shah are Milon Hobe Koto Dine, Shob Loke Koy Lalon Ki Jat Shongshare, Pare Loye Jao Amai,Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi kyamne ashe jaay, Dekhna Mon Jhokmariay Duniyadari, Jat Gelo Jat Gelo Bole, Tin Pagoler Holo Mela,Ar Amare Marishne Ma etc.

Lalon sang of a society where all religions and faiths are in synchronized. Lalon Shah has been revealed in film, television drama, theatre and literature. Some films are released about Lalon Fakir like Moner Manush. “After Lalon” was written by Allen Ginsberg in 1992.

Lalon Shah was blamed of dissent during his full life and after his death. Lalon Shah was died when he was 116 years old on 17th October 1890 at Cheuriya, Kushtia.

Lalon Shah was buried at the middle of his Akhra. Thousands of his followers and dedicatees assemble at Lalon Akhrah on the event of his death anniversary. On the behalf of respect there is a Lalon Shah Band has organized in Bangle.


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