Khulna division

Khulna Division

Jan 11, 2013

Khulna division is the seventh division of Bangladesh. Khulna was formatted as a division in 1960. Khulna division is located in the south-west of Bangladesh. Khulna division is a border side division. West Bengal of India is stand to the west side of Khulna.

The wonderful and one of the largest mangrove forests ‘Sundarban’ is situated at Khulna division. A coastline on the Bay of Bengal is located to the south of Khulna. The main rivers of Khulna division are Madhumati, Bhairob and Kopotakkho. Khulna division is a part of Ganges river delta. This region also includes several islands spread over in the Bay of Bengal.

Above fifteen millions of people are living in Khulna division. Total area of Khulna division is over twenty two thousand square kilometers. There are ten districts and fifty nine sub-districts in Khulna division. Districts are Begerhat, Jessore, Khulna, Magura, Narail, Satkhira, Meherpur, Kustia, Jhenaidah and Chuadanga.

In Khulna division there are many industries have established. Khulna News Print Mills, Khulna Hardboard Mills, Jute industrials are some of these industries.

Khulna division is also known as the second seaport of Bangladesh. Mongla port and merely ship building yard of Bangladesh is situated in Khulna division.

Khulna division is consisted of many educational institutions. One of the largest universities Khulna University is situated here. Other institutes are Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Medical Colleges, Islamic University, schools and colleges, Polytechnic institutes etc. There is also a technical school of Underprivileged Children’s Educational Programs (UCEP) established.

About eighty eight percent people of Khulna division are belonging to Islam. But the other religious people are living here. People of Khulna division are friendly and calm about society and culture.

Most notable persons like Abdul Alim Mahmud, Dr. Humayun Kabir Selim, Abdul Sattar, Khan Jahan Ali, Khan Jahan Ali and so many was born in Khulna division.

Khulna division is also a tourism region. Every year a lot of tourists have come to visit the beauty of Sundarban. There are many hotel-motels and resort have established in Khulna division.

People can reach to Khulna division by air, train and bus easily from Dhaka city within few hours.

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