Oct 18, 2017

These three young talents got the Champion trophy in “RUET Dc Inter University Debate Championship 2017”. Now they are the national champion. 48 teams form different part of Bangladesh have participated in this tournament.  They are the proud of Rajshahi University

This team also got the taste of championship in Sahid Shrawardi Hall Intra Club Debate Championship 2017. They also got Runner up prize at National Environment Debate Competition 2017 arranged by Minstrt of Environment and Forest. They also got the Runner up trophy at Dr. Wazed Miya Memorial Debate Championship 2017. The team leader Fahmida Afrose got the 1st prize in public speaking arranged by Sead Trust in 2008.

This is  Nazneen Akther Dipti, a final year LL.B student of University of Rajshahi. She wants to work for the betterment of the people and debate is that special co- curricular activity for her by which she learnt to think logically and work properly. She is very interested in debate since her school days and in the year of 2006 she formally attached with this era by joining in Holy Cross Debating Club ( HDC) which was really blessings for her. In 2007 she participated in National

Debate for the first time. She started her debate carrier with the traditional debate format. She also participated in National Television Debate Competition (school), Mother & Child Debate Completion (BTV). From 2008 she was introduced with the parliamentary format of debate. When she was a student of Dhaka City College there was no debate club there. There were a group of good debaters and they convinced the college authority about the necessity of a debate club and established Dhaka City College Debating Forum first. She participated in many national tournament from there. After entaring in University of Rajshahi as a student of LL.B she joined in BFDF(Business Studies Faculty Debating Forum) to go for her dream. In BFDF Fresher’s Debate Championship 2014, her team’ Law Credence’ was the champion and she was the “debater of the tournament”. In Gold Bangladesh Inter Department Debate

Championship 2014 they were the champion again and she was the debater of the tournament. Her dream is to continue the debate and go long in her life with it.

Md. Abu Yousuf  a student of  Marketing Department. From the very beginning of his school life he used to participate in the debate competitions but he didn’t think he would go for national debate competition. But in his college life he didn’t participate in any debate competition. When he admitted in University of Rajshahi, he again started debating from BFDF. After that he became champion on inter hall & inter department champion. Then the another dream came to his mind that he will become a champion in national circuit. Several times he touched the quarter final, semifinal and also runner up. And with the grace of almighty Allah he won the champion trophy on RUET national debate competition through BFDF on the behalf of Rajshahi University. BFDF and some of his seniors helped him so much to become champion. He really felt amazing when he was representing his University. He do believe that debate can change the society and can bring so much positive sign for the nation

Fahmida Afrose is a student of  Information science and Library Management in Rajshahi University. She  started debate from her school in a tournament that organized by BFDF. From that day it was just like a passion & love. When she started her college she continued the debate through Rajshahi Govt. City College Debate Club and achieved runner up trophy in BFDF inter college debate competition 2010. She was honored that she could serve this club as a general secretary from 2010 to 2011. She believes that Debate is like a philosophy that help you being good human.


Awarded by Vice Chancellor of R.U

Written by: Shahed Pervez


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