Independence Day

Independence Day

Jan 17, 2017

Every independent country has an independent day. The Independence Day of Bangladesh also submitted to as 26th March of every year. It is a national holiday for Bangladesh. It celebrates the country’s assertion of freedom from Pakistan. It is declared in the late hours of 25th March in 1971. The declaration was given by Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He is the “Father of the Nation”. Pakistani forces were under arrest him before he announced ‘Liberty’.

Bangladesh is an infant independent country. The people had to experience a world of pains. These sufferings were under the unusual colonial state for 190 years. Then they had to undergo of West Pakistan for twenty five years. But the fearless leaders and freedom seeking people did not allow the matter go recognized. They grown up with enormous purpose and started energetic group against Pakistani rules. A lot of blood was discarding in varied movements. At last, the war of liberation was wiggled on the midnight of 25th March in 1971.

Independence Day is usually connected with processions, political dialogues, concerts, fairs, and other ceremonies. Various public and private events are celebrated the historical day of Bangladesh. Radio stations and TV transmit special programs and loyal songs in respect of the Independence Day. Commonly, a thirty-one gun greeting is performed in the early morning. The main streets are festooned with national flags. Several political and social organizations carry out programs to stain the day in a apply mode. They pay honors at the national memorial called Jatiyo Smriti Soudho at Savar beside Dhaka City.

The Independence Award gives winning Bangladesh citizens on the eve of the Independence Day. It is the largest state reward given by the Bangladesh Government. This annual award program was associated in 1977. It is given for extensive role in Language Movement, Independence War, literature, journalism, the education, public service, science-technology and other fields.

To give a great respect and honor to the martyrs a memorial has built named Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho. It is situated at Savar in Dhaka division. This memorial is praise to the martyrs of Independence War of Bangladesh.


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