Hatirjheel Dream Begins Computer Video Game series

Hatirjheel Dream Begins Computer Video Game series

Aug 29, 2014

It is hard to find someone in Dhaka who is yet to visit Hatirjheel! In fact, not only those in Dhaka city; people from the distant corners of our country come to visit the Hatirjheel Lake. We look at Hatirjheel with pride and radiance. Hatirjheel has become a place to relax and it is synonymous with the fulfillment of our dream – the very name inspires people to dream big.

People have been thinking: if we can make Hatirjheel with our own technology and expertise, we can make even bigger things. A team of young professionals shares such a dream to create a ground-breaking computer game. As in elsewhere, a huge number of children in our country are growing up playing foreign computer games such as “Angry Bird”, “Doom”, “Battle Field” or watching foreign cartoons –  “Doraemon”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Tom & Jerry” to name a few. However, computer game is not merely a game for kids but for the adults alike.

The Game:

Keeping this reality in mind and inspired by Hatirjheel, this young talented team of Massive Star Studio Ltd. has been working relentlessly to rewrite the history of Bangladeshi computer game landscape. They have created a computer game series named “Hatirjheel: Dream Begins” to be a catalyst for other dreamers. The objective of this game is to uphold and promote our unique culture, literature, and environment in a virtual reality medium to the young generation, using the iconic Hatirjheel as a backdrop. This game is launched officially at 24th March with the association of ICT Ministry where Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, State Minister of ICT Ministry, Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh had played the role as Chief Guest. Besides, Mr. Shameem Ahsan, President of BASIS and Mr. Mozammel Babu, Chief Editor & MD of Ekattor TV was present as Special Guest. Mr. Mahbub Zaman, Ex. President of BASIS; Mr. Wong, Project Director, “We Make Games”; Mr. Gousul Alam Shaon, Managing Director of Grey spoken out as Special Speaker. The program was hosted by SM Mahabub Alam, CEO, MassiveStar Studio Limited.

Computer game, like movies, is one of the best media that combines amusement, adventure, and romance as a form of entertainment. The Hatirjheel game is created with a balanced mixture of dream and reality. One unique feature is that, unlike most games, it is designed with the whole family in mind. It combines the features of real Hathirjheel with futuristic virtual Hatirjheel. A family of all ages can share pleasure by immerging in this game together. The theme of the game encompasses the three aspects of water, land, and air transportation. Comprising 31 levels, it is filled with excitement through racing, hiking, treasure hunt etc. An overarching theme that this game projects is a powerful dream which tells the story of future high-tech Bangladesh.

This game is the fruit of a research by MassiveStar Studio Ltd., an IT and gaming firm, through applying the “Amusement through Story and Tactics” method. The young game developers of the firm have proved that grounding-breaking work can be done in Bangladesh through sheer passion and vision. They announced that they will introduce the android version of that game after launching PC version. The game has been endorsed by many government personnel, renowned organization and famous persons.

MassiveStar Studio is also conducting a research project on how game can be a medium of education. As per their communication, they are going to introduce a radical change in our education system. Researcher and the CEO of the company SM Mahabub Alam informed us that, they will also run an unprecedented nation-wide program as “We Make Games” where 100,000 students from 500 schools & college will get the elementary knowledge of game development. This will enable these students to create a new history for their future and build their own careers in an early age.


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