The Halda River Earth's Only Natural Breeding

Halda River Earth’s Only Natural Breeding

Aug 24, 2014

Chittagong is most beautiful district in Bangladesh. Mountains, Sea and river make Chittagong famous. Halda River in Chittagong has been enriched by the power of the unique features of the river. Riverine Bangladesh has net of 800 large and small rivers which has been scattered reticulated. Halda River is one of them.

Halda River
Halda River

Halda River is the only tidal river in the world where the Rui type fish fertilized eggs and collect them directly. There are no river found in the world where extracting eggs from a tidal river. For this reason, Halda River is one of the global successions. Resources, financial contributions and some distinct features of the Halda River deserve breeding traditions of our country. But due to lack of information and promotion of national heritage and identity Halda River still hidden.

Halda chori origin forms the hills Creek in Ramgar district of Khagrachari. Halda chori connect with Manikchari canal and Fatickchari canal and it bacome Halda River. Later this river Chittagong, nearly 98 km from Plain and Holudia (The distance from the source of about 57 to Kalurghat. M.), Covering the areas of Chittagong Kalurghat Chandgaon police Karnaphuli river meets. Fatikchharhi pride of the country on the path of the river (40 km) has been exceeded. The main water source of this river is number of Rhyme of the mountain in Fatickchari. The small canals combined with the main stream of the Halda River and make the characteristic Halda as the river has yet rich.

From many decades Halda River has been playing a leading role in key sectors of the fishery. At present this Halda River facing variety natural and man-made crisis. As a result this traditional natural fish breeding disappearing.

Halda River major specialties:

  • Natural fish breeding grounds
  • Natural gene bank
  • Family traditions
  • Financial contributions
  • Environment
  • Natural and cultural heritage
  • Water Resources
  • Most endangered aquatic mammals, dolphin or dolphin’s ideal and safe habitat

Present a significant problem of Halda River:

  • Increasing salinity
  • Pollution
  • Hunting mother fish
  • Unplanned dam, rubber dam and sluice gate construction
  • Turning to cut


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