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Haji Mohammad Danesh

Haji Mohammad Danesh

Jul 31, 2016

Haji Mohammad Danesh is the name of the famous politician and krisakneta (Leader of farmers). Haji Mohammad Danesh. Haji Mohammad Danesh was born at a small village Sultanpur of Dinajpur district in1990. Haji Mohammad Danesh was belongs to a Bengali Muslim family. Haji Mohammad Danesh was one of the brilliance of Bangladesh.

In 1931 Haji Mohammad Danesh completed his master’s degree at Aligarh Muslim University. In 1932 Haji Mohammad Danesh completed degree in law and joined the bar of the district court of Dinajpur.

In 1930 Haji Mohammad Danesh became a dynamic member of communist organization of Bengal named as Communist Party of India. Haji Mohammad Danesh was one of the few Muslim communist leaders. He worked to assemble and struggled for the Muslim.

Haji Mohammad Danesh joined the All India Muslim League in 1945. He was arrested during the moment of Tebhaga movement (three distributions of crops) between 1938 to 1946 period. During the Pakistan period Haji Mohammad Danesh left politics and joined Dinajpur Surendranath College as a professor.

Haji Mohammad Danesh joined the Muslim league in 1945. After the libaration war Bangladesh in 1973 Haji Mohammad Danesh formed the Jatiya Ganamukhi Union. In February 1975, the peasantry of Bangladesh Awami League (BAKSAL) joined and was appointed a member of the central committee. Haji Mohammad Danesh eliminated the group formed a new party named the Democratic Party and was elected its president in 1980.

Haji Mohammad Danesh had been struggling for life in prison persecution for eight years inside the prison. After all Haji Mohammad Danesh did not compromise any time against the interests of farmers. Haji Mohammad Danesh was the chief adviser to the National Party front organization of the National Peasant Party.

Haji Mohammad Danesh was established as an Agricultural Extension Training Institute (AETI). At first there is three-year diploma in agriculture organized. Later in 1988, this institute upgraded to Hajee Mohammad Danesh Agricultural College and after that University gradually. The name is formatted as Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University.

Haji Mohammad Danesh died in 1986 in Dhaka. All Bangladeshi remember Haji Mohammad Danesh on 28th June every year with respect and proud.


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