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Gour Govinda Ray

Dec 11, 2017

Gour Govinda Ray was a notable intellectual on Hinduism and a Brahmo missionary.  He was born in1841 at Ghorachoba in Pabna district of independent Bangladesh. He had edited for forty years Dhamatattva. It was an official publication of the Brahmo Samaj. He supported Keshub Chunder Sen in the anthology of Slokasangraha, a collection of extracts from dissimilar religious texts.

Gour Govinda Ray was son of Gour Mohan Ray. He was brought up by his uncle. He studied up to the school leaving standard in Rangpur High School. Later he shifted and studied Sanskrit and Persian. For some time he studied Daras underneath a Muslim fakir. He was collected by the activities of others approximately him.

He was a sub-inspector of police during the period of 1863 to 1866. He gave up his job when he was twenty years old. He became a follower of Keshub Chandra Sen. He fixed the Brahmo Samaj as a missionary. Keshab Chandra Sen selected from his missionaries four persons in 1869. Gour Govinda Ray was made the lecturer of Hinduism. This great academic led an entirely severe life. His knowing needs were meeting by the head of the Prachar Ashram and Kanti Chandra Mitra.

Gour Govinda Ray was generally delayed in rising. He worked late into the night. He was collected by the activities of others roughly him. He never felt disturbed at spokes to him required advice or discussed topics. He had visitors ranging from foreign missionaries to local researchers. He never received any money for the long hours of work. Ray also articulates that both Krishna and Christ were fortunately intended for man’s deliverance.

Gour Govinda Ray translated from Bengali to Sanskrit the Nava Samhita, Brahmagitoponishad, Yog and Jibonved. He died in 1912 Kolkata in India. This religious reformer was a magnificent intellectual in Bangladesh.


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