Chobi Mela

Chobi Mela

Nov 16, 2016

Chobi Mela is known as a biennial international festival of photography. It has been organizing in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. It is the biggest festival of photography held in Asia. Chobi Mela 8 has taken place at the end of January 2015. The key organizers are Pathshala and Drik Picture Library Ltd.

The outreach programmers consisted of mobile fairs which went to playgrounds, schools, market places. These fair were accompanying by group of people of association staff.  They explicated the background of explain to viewers. Visits to the exhibition by school children and guided tours by curators were also arranged. An exhibition was on the dilemma of Bangladeshi Jute workers. It was exposed on the walls of the patio of “Kalpana Boarding” a low-priced motel in old Dhaka. These programmers have been very successful. The model has been simulated in far thrown countries like as Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Bolivia and Tanzania. Chobi Mela 3 was organized in Dhaka in 2004.

Chobi Mela 4 International festival of photography was held from 9th November to 30th November of 2006. The opening of Chobi Mela 5 was held on 30th January in 2009 at the National Museum of Bangladesh. There were forty nine fairs containing works by photographers by twenty three countries.

The show opened with an amazing fair by Contact Press Images showing iconic images. These images have taken over the last thirty years. This notable festival took place when most events in Bangladesh. Two chief photographers Rashid Talukder of Bangladesh and Peter Magubane of South Africa were recognized with existence achievement awards for life time.

A selection of twelve exhibitions from Chobi Mela 5 was exposed in Kathmandu on 22nd May in 2009. The awards are given as recognition to photographers who have made outstanding contribution to the field of photography. Chobi Mela is the perfect event to display for young photographer to show their creativity.


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