Chakma People

Chakma People

Feb 04, 2017

The Chakma is also known as the Daingnet people. It is a tribal group rigorous in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. The geographic allocation of Chakmas is spread across Bangladesh and parts of northeastern India, western Burma and little amount in other country.

The Chakma are the largest tribal group within the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It makes up half of the region’s inhabitants. The Chakma are divided into forty six clans or Gozas. They have their own culture and language, customs and profess Theravada Buddhism. The society is headed by the Chakma Raja.

Chakma people are Tibeto-Burman and are hence closely linked to tribes in the mounts of the Himalayas. The Chakmas are assumed to be originally from superior Arakan presently Chin state. It was previously Chakma Buddhist homeland. He was later on immigrated to Bangladesh in approximately fifteenth century. They were settling in the Cox’s Bazar District at the Korpos Mohol area.

Chakma society is a group with their own culture, literature, folklore and traditions. The Chakma women wear an ankle span cloth around the waist.  It is also called Phinon and a Haadi also covered above the waist as well as silver stuff. The Phinon and the Haadi are colorfully hand interlaced with various designs. The design is first inflated on a piece of cloth known as Alaam.

The most important festivals celebrated by the Chakma people are Alpaloni, Bizu, Buddha Purnima and Kathin Civar Dan. Bamboo shoot is a traditional food of the Chakma people.It is called “Bajchuri” by local people. The Shrimp paste is their traditional component of cooking. It is known as Sidol. Gudu hara or Ha-do-do is the major game played right through the Chakma region.

To meet Chakma people have to go Chittagong Hill Tracks. Visitors who go to visit the tourist places at Chittagong hilly area  they may observe this tribal society as well.


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