Ar Manna

Sep 20, 2018

I do not understand where to start, I have had lots of interest from the little time, I will work for the people, I do not know whether I can make it or not, but I am trying.

I am Abdur Rahman Manna, a student of Political Science department at Noakhali Government College. I’m not the one who is working as a major head of social work, I can not give blood, I do not give blood donation to Critinine in my kidneys in 2015, I promise I can not kill myself, but I do not want to die for blood, since then the status on Facebook After starting the blood management, Alamgir Haider, Tahmina Apu, along with a blood group (Bangladesh Blood Foundation)

My goal is to work for the welfare of every person in the society who are not helplessly disassociated.

In the future, going to a good position, we will work for our own financially vulnerable, now we have to cooperate with many helpless people, so that we can do most of the financing without owning the campaign.

To fulfill this dream I need all the cooperation and blessings and love, that is all I want to do.

Personal Information:
Name:Ar Manna
Blood Group:A+ Positive
Father Name:Mosharef Hossen
Education Qualification:
SSC passing year:2014
HSC/Diploma passing year:2016
Graduation passing year:Studying
Your occupation:Student
Institute:Noakhali Govt. College
Volunteer Work:
Working Zone:Noakhali
Work For: (Organization Name)Bangladesh Blood Foundation
Contact Info:
Address:Maijidee, Noakhali
Phone Number:+8801865034426
Facebook Link:Facebook
Google Plus Link:Google Plus



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