Dec 14, 2017

The word “Blood Fighters” has become very popular in Bangladesh. Basically, they are the blood donors and manage blood for patient. It is normally a voluntary work.

In Bangladesh Blood donation is an activity performed by several different voluntary organizations. Millions of people need blood in every year. Some people may need blood in the time of surgery. And some patients need blood in a regular basis. About one fourth of the nation’s blood contribution came from voluntary donation. Volunteer is a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for an undertaking or service. These volunteers are known as “Blood Fighters” in Bangladesh.

In 1950; Blood transfusion service was started at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh. The first organized volunteer blood donation program was begun at DMC in 1977. This organization was named as “Sandhani”. “Red Crescent Society” was began blood donation program in 1981 in Bangladesh. “Badhan” is one of the non-political voluntary blood donors group in Bangladesh established in 1997. On that time people have to find out volunteer. But at present it is very easy to find out them by social media like Facebook.

Some volunteers are very active on Facebook and virtual world. They publish their contact information and wait for a phone call. Who needs blood; they call them. Volunteers go immediately to donate blood without any hesitation and any demand. Sometime they take risk to reach the patient as soon as possible. These Blood Fighters of Bangladesh have made several groups to communicate each other. Some of these are Blood Donation, E Veins Links, Blood Donor (Ishwardi), CTG BLOOD BANK, Manobic Abedon, Blood Donors Club, Blood Fighters  and so many.

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Blood is very essential component for human body. For several reasons there are many people who are suffering for blood to save life. The Blood Fighters of Bangladesh are always showing the 100% dedication to help them in any situation or in any time. In 1971 our freedom fighters fought to save nation and sacrificed their precious blood. And now the volunteers give blood and sacrificing their valuable time to save the life. Both are the great fighters of Bangladesh who are the real builder of this nation.

A list of Blood Fighters given below:


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