Bisu Mela

Bisu Mela

Nov 16, 2016

Bisu Mela is one of the largest cultural festivals for Tanchangya people. It is pragmatic mostly who pursue the solar year in the Asian continent. It falls in the month of April. It is the end of next year and till the first day of New Year. Bisu Mela is a festival for enjoying and recreation for the Tanchangya people. It is Bisu Mela in Tanchangya language. Mostly, every village people enjoy with grandeur festival.

Traditionally Bisu mela is celebrated for three days. The people observed this festival more than three days. They give in scientific logic into three names for the three days. People wear traditional dresses during this festival. They visit to the monastery. They take five teachings and do many good actions by clean-up the pagoda, monastery, and the surrounding of the village path. Some people observed this festival by listening Dhamma discourse and by meditation.

Bisu festival begins from the previous second day of last year. On this day people go down to the rivers and surge down the flowers and also light candles. They believe that by means of present flowers and candles to the Mother Ganga. For this they can live with wealthy and healthy in their family.

On the second day of Bisu festival is on the last day of that year. People cook several types of vegetables during these days. After cooking they request to the guests to enjoy. There is also a faith that by eating the mixture of vegetables curry that they can treat from many diseases. Beside these dishes they prepare Pason Chon.

The third day of Bisu festival is the first day of the Bangla New Year called Pohela Boishakh. This is the ending day of the festival. People like to go to Temples. They observed Buddha Puja etc.

Bisu mela is a habitual and holy festival for Tanchangya people. It comes only once in a year. After enjoying the festival people are waiting for the Bisu mela once again.


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