Bishwa Ijtema

Bishwa Ijtema

Nov 16, 2016

The Bishwa Ijtema is an annual meeting of Muslims at Tongi in Dhaka division. It sits beside the banks of the River Turag. It is the second biggest Islamic assemble after the Hajj. It is one of the major peaceful gathers in the world. The Ijtema is a prayer gathering spread over three days. Attending followers perform daily prayers during these days. During this period people are listening to intellectuals reciting and explanation rhymes from the Quran. The speakers are from various countries include Islamic scholars.

Bishwa Ijtema
Bishwa Ijtema

Bishwa Ijtema concludes in the Akheri Munajat means that the Final Prayer. In this prayer millions of devotees raises their hands in front of Allah and prays peace for world. The Ijtema is measured a display of Muslim unity, mutual love, solidarity and admiration. It is a chance to repeat their promise to Islamic values.

Bishwa Ijtema is non-political event in the world. It sketches people of all opinion. It is concentrated by dedicatees from one hundred and fifty countries. The mass of its dedicatees come from crossways Bangladesh.

The event is prepared in January by the Bangladeshi episode of the Tablighi Jamaat. It is an accepted Sunni movement. The gather takes place in an area which reserves over five square kilometers in Tongi. A wide pavilion is created in the area with the help of the Government of Bangladesh. Transport is offered by public companies, including Bangladesh Airlines, Railway and road transport.

Bangladesh Armed Forces helps by positioning transportation. Although the large number of dedicatees live within a restricted space. Usually there are very few difficulties of cooking, internal movements and sanitation. It is supposed to be likely because of the modest loom approved by them.

They decrease their own obligations and develop an admiration for others’ obligations. Unlike the Ijtema is not one of the five bases of Islam. But due to its total size, the Bishwa Ijtema has been called Bangladesh’s mini-Hajj. A huge crowd extends from the Ijtema ground from Tongi to the Dhaka city area during the final prayer. All government and private institute are confirmed to close on the occasion.


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