Biju Festival In Bangladesh

Biju Festival In Bangladesh

Feb 04, 2017

Bizu Festival commonly celebrated by the Chakma and Tanchyanga. It is also known as Biju festival. Each tribe has their own way of celebrating this festival. Biju is famous for three consecutive days on the last two days of Chaitra and the first day of Baishakh. They abstain themselves from killing any living persons during this festival. The last day of Chaitra is considered as the main festival day. On this particular day they cook a mixed curry with five types of vegetables. It is called Pazon ton.

Bizu is the most significant socio-religious festival of the Chakma. This celebration gave birth to the Bizu dance. The first day is known as Phool Bizu. This is the day of household items, clothes are cleaned and washed. Food items are collected to give the house a new look with the cover of different flowers. The second day is known as Mul Bizu day. It starts with the bath in the river. People wear new clothes and make around the village. Women wear pinon and Haadi and men wear silum and dhudi. They make different kinds of sweets and take part in different traditional sports. The day ends by enjoying the Bizu dance.

The last day is known as Gojjepojje din. It involves the shows of different socio-religious activities. In the context of its nature some say that Bizu is a festival, which revolves around agricultural activities. It is celebrated on middle of April. It is the period when earth is just wet with the first rain and the jum spreading is taken up. And it is believed that with the purpose of getting rich harvest adore of the earth was arranged.

Bizu festival is renowned with religious passion at Rangamati Rajban Bihara at Rangamati hill district. Many tourists from home and abroad gather at Rangamati Rajban Bihara area to contribute in the festival every year.


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