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Bengali Wedding

Bengali Wedding

Nov 14, 2016

Bengali Wedding
Bengali Wedding

A Bengali wedding includes many ceremonies that can distance several days. In most casings, it started with the Kabin and finished with the Bou Bhat ceremony. Though the ceremony diverge with the various districts of Bengal maintain by Muslims. Amid Hindus, it is typically classified into two as the Ghoti and Bangal ceremonies.

Bengali wedding is arranged by Ghotoks who are usually friends or family of the couple. The matchmakers assist the introduction of the couple. They also help to agree the amount of any payment. Bengali weddings are habitually in five parts. At first it is the bride and groom’s Mehendi Shondha. It is called for the bride’s as Gaye Holud and for the groom’s Gaye Holud. And then it celebrates by the Beeya and at the last period Bou Bhaat.

Bengali wedding frequently takes place on several days. The first episode in a wedding is a relaxed.  One the groom presents the bride by a ring scratching the “engagement” which is ahead fame. For the Mehendi Shondha the bride’s surface applies lighten to everybody. On the Gaye Holud program the groom’s family goes in March to the bride’s home. Bride’s family and friends affect turmeric paste to her body.

Bengali wedding ceremony is naturally arranged by the bride’s family. The younger members of the bride’s family blockade the entry door of the venue on demand a sort of entrance charge from groom. The bride and groom are seated separately and a convoy by the parents and a Wakil or witness. They are selected from each side to ask the bride for her permission to the merger and after that the groom for his.

The Bou-Bhaat is also known as reception after wedding. It is a party arranged by the groom’s family in come back by the wedding party. It is usually a much calmer affair with only the second rate wedding group being tatty. The Hindu and other religious people organized additional programs except these. In both of village and city area these kind of wedding held in according to the ability of the people.


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