May 07, 2015

Now a day freelancing is most popular earning source in the world. From 2012 in Bangladesh freelancing becomes most popular earning sector. People in Bangladesh take a good position in worldwide marketplace with good reputation. So they realize that they also need an own marketplace. Before 2015 there is no marketplace in Bangladesh. And after 1st May 2015 people in Bangladesh get an online marketplace.

Belancer is first Bangladeshi online marketplace in Bangladesh. Now Belancer in testing phase. Belancer has been opened in Bangladeshi marketplace an experimentally. Freelancers and buyers of this country already start walked in the Belancer outsourcing sector. Belancer is Bangladesh marketplace.

After the test transmission at 1st May 2015, there are almost 5 thousand freelancers has been registered in the Belancer marketplace. There are also 35 projects or work submits in this place. And freelancer names Salim Reza gets 20 thousand Tk for successfully complete a job in the Department of Information Technology of Belancer.

Founder and CEO of “Belancer”, Mr. Shofiul Alam said, “We will make out stage comparable to UpWork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, Envato Studios, Elance and others”. He also said that, freelancer can easily do their job and there will no payment problem those step will taken.

Mr. Shofiul said, this is a huge project. This is working for long time with a little of the disadvantaged. Without help of the public and private sector the freelancing marketplace could not startup.

He said that, the ICT Minister Junaid Admed Polok provide 1 thousand of volunteers for the improvement of this marketplace. Among those 1 thousand volunteers 300 of them work with this project officially.

The name of the marketplace “Belancer” was given by the ICT Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak name and he was extremely dynamic with designers of the marketplace all through the creating period.

ICT Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak directly involve with this marketplace for Branding, build the capacity of reliable technical, payment procedures, investment, freelancers and clients’ confidence



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  • One response to “Belancer In Testing Phase”

    1. Belancer is really a good approarch for the Bangladeshi freelaner. The website has launched successfully and official announcement will be given in upcoming days. Currently, they are making the interviews and try to become well organized team.

      Working on Belancer will be great for the young boys and girls of our country. so, Best of luck to the Belancer Team! 🙂