Garo Tribe In Bangladesh

Garo Tribe In Bangladesh

Feb 04, 2017

The Garo Tribe society is one of the major tribes in Bangladesh. The Garo tribe entered Bangladesh in the first in this century according to the history. They were refugees from Mongolia and came to Bangladeshi Tibet. The Garo tribe also has its own culture, dress, food habits and festivity styles can be simply illustrious from the Bengalis and other tribes. The people from the Garo tribe have dissimilar features than the original occupants of Bangladesh.

The Garo have resided in Bangladesh for thousands of years. They followed a religion called Sonatoni initially. At present almost hundred percent of the Garo tribe observes Christianity. Though, a few are still believed in Sonatoni. Garos have their own Achick and language. It is totally different from the local language of Bangladeshi. Achik has several inflections such as Habeng, Attong etc.

The Garo tribe is little and advanced in education and social activities then other tribes. The first Garo church was recognized in 1910. Many evangelists and missionaries from Europe and North America worked between the Garo people over the decades. Being a part of a developing country, the Garo community also suffers from scarcity. Many Garo families are poor of education.

The Garos are one of the few residual matrilineal societies in the world. The individuals take their tribe titles from their mothers. The youngest daughter inherits the assets from her mother traditionally. Sons leave the house of parents ‘at youth.  The man lives in his wife’s house after getting married.

The main food of Garos is rice. They also eat maize millet, tapioca etc. They are very moderate in their food habits. They rear pigs, fowls, goats, ducks etc. and relish their meat. The government of Bangladesh has makes sure that all children can concentrate primary school. But many children from the Garo society fall out after the primary level.

The largest numbers of Garo Tribe in Bangladesh are living in Rangpur, Sylhet, Moulovibazar and Gazipur.


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