Msu Shanto Bhuiyan

Sep 17, 2018

As Salamu Alaikum

I am MSU Shanto Bhuiyan
01747 596569

I was born in a respectable Muslim family of Kodalia village of 13th Jagannath Dighi Union of Chowddagram thana of Comilla district.

Madrasah education started very early. After finishing college, I joined the Bangladesh Army in the non-commissioned post in the East-Bengal Regiment. In addition to the job as well as the BBA in Marketing. Training in different skill development jobs:

– Basic Map Readings
– Commando.
– Intelligences etc.

From 2007 to 2009, I was in the headquarters of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).
From 2009 to 2010, I was in Liberia for peacekeeping missions.
In 2012 football was injured in foot injury during the game. Later, with the help of the medical board, he came to retirement willingly.

Since then, writing your name online and volunteering with everyone is familiar to all of you.

In the middle of 2012, we went to Dubai (UAE) free without an interview. If the educated / half-educated boys were skiled, they would have been better with Dubai, they could try to be self-reliant with the help of the Bengali people in Dubai.

The boys of Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines were much more skilled than the boys of Bangladesh. Later, an officer of the Kerala province abused my country (Bangladesh), and he was confused with her and returned to the country from that persistence.

Since then, I started my job in a private company and was trying to become an entrepreneur myself.

My Blood Group A positive – 32 voluntary donors voluntarily.
Social Worker and Corporate Trainer
Professional Public Speaker

★ Founder Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Bindu Co-oparetive Society

★ Founder and Chairman

★ Chairman & CEO
Bioscope Event Managent & Tourism ..

★ Founder and CEO
Professional Public Speaker Fourm-Bd (PPSF)

★ Founder and President

★ Founder and secretary
Root Welfare Society

Personal Information:
Name:Msu Shanto Bhuiyan
Blood Group:A+ Positive
Father Name:Alhajh Maw: Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan
Education Qualification:
SSC passing year:1999
HSC/Diploma passing year:2001
Graduation passing year:2006
Your occupation:Businessmen
Institute:Bioscope Events & Tourism ltd.
Position:Managing Director and CEO
Volunteer Work:
Working Zone:Dhaka South
Work For: (Organization Name)Social Organization Association of Bangladesh
Position:Founder & President
Contact Info:
Address:Mahi Hasan Tower
Lift 3 Room No 404,
263 Malibag Moor,Dhaka 1217
Phone Number:01747596569
Facebook Link:Facebook
Google Plus Link:Google Plus



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