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Dec 19, 2016

Barisal City Bengali:(বরিশাল) is one of the biggest and most significant cities of Bangladesh. It is divisional city in the southern region of Bangladesh. Barisal City Corporation is the top body of Barisal City. It is a major city that stands on the bank of Kirtankhola. It is the largest city and the administrative center. It is one of the oldest municipalities and river ports of Bangladesh. Barisal city was established during the British period in 1876. It was upgraded to City Corporation on 25th July 2002. There are thirty wards and fifty mahallas in this city. The population of this city is more than 0.38 million.

The area of Barisal City is fifty eight square kilometers. Barisal is a very old entity in Bangladesh. It obtains a rich set of magnificent history, tradition and culture. Most of the people in Barisal City are Bengali. The general of Barisal’s people are Muslims. But other religious people are also living here.

This City has made important concern towards the normal urbanization. Barisal is quick growing city of the country still developing. The first short landing and takeoff airport has been finished in Barisal. The Air Bengal has begun its usual air flight between Dhaka International Airport and Barisal. But people always like to travel through water way.

Ba risal City has a few numbers of ancient mosques like Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex. There are some other architectural samples are also available here. Other tourist places are always attracting visitors. This City is surrounding with many rivers. So that boats and launch are the common vehicles to travel. Dhaka-Barisal launches are most relaxed and safer for travel. Bangladesh Biman and US-Bangla Airlines flight on Dhaka to Barisal route every day. Travelers also travel to Barishal City by bus. There are two bus terminals in Barisal. Many bus companies attach Barisal to other districts.


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