Barisal division

Barishal Division

Jul 28, 2016

About Barishal Division

Barisal division was generated in 1993. The ancient name of Barisal was Bakergang in 1797. The nickname of Barisal division is ‘Dhan Nodi Kaal’ Ei tine Barisal’. Its mean rice, river and canal built Barisal. Barisal division is situated in the South part of Bangladesh.

Barisal division is consisted of six districts, thirty nine sub-districts, three hundred and fifty nine union parishads, twelve municipalities and four thousand one hundred and sixty three villages. Districts name of Barisal division are Barisal, Barguna, Bhola, Jhalokati, Patuakhali and Pirojpur. Total area of Barisal division is over thirteen thousand. Over eighty million people are living here.

A lot of canal and rivers are covered Barisal division. Main rivers of Barisal division are Arial Khan, Agunmukha, Bishkhali, Burishwar, Paira, Baleshwar, Haringhata, Katcha and Kirtankhola. People like to travel by river than other transportation. Barisal is a river port. In the earlier age it was connecting Calcutta-Barisal-Dhaka with many other routes. Barisal river port has become a most important center of steamer and motor launch service of the Southern part of Bangladesh.

Barisal was known as the “Granary of Bengal” for production of rice. Barisal division is still now an important rice producing area of Bangladesh. Barisal has performed as a trans-shipment center for rice, chickpeas, hides, dried peas, lentils, dried beans and other pulses for Bengal. Barisal division is also an industrial region. There are many industry as well as textile, pharmaceutical etc are established in Barisal division.

Sher-e Bangla Medical College is situated in Barisal division. The famous B.M. College was established in 1889 at Barisal division. Beside these educational institutes there are many institute also have built in Barisal division. With Barisal University and Brojomohun College there are total thirteen government colleges have established is Barisal division.

Barisal division is one of the most important tourism parts of Bangladesh. Kuakata is the main tourist part of Barisal division. Most of the visitors come to Kuakata sea beach to enjoy the sun set and sun rise. Durga Sagor is another beauty of Barisal division.

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