Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

Feb 04, 2017

Armed Forces Day is observed in Bangladesh on 21st November. This indicates the day in 1971. The members of Army, Navy and Air force fought against enemy. It is the period of the Bangladesh liberation war there these forces were completely ready and opened a matched nasty against the Pakistani Army. The Pakistani Army given up to the related forces of Bangladesh and India ending the Liberation War of Bangladesh on 16th December in 1971.

All three forces led a combined operation at once were marking the day to be Armed Forces Day on 21st November. The union of these forces resulted in huge areas beside the border to be modern every day. This permitted the Bangladesh Forces to upset the lines of contact within a few days. This day stands special meaning in the history of Bangladesh. It is being famous every year with due gravity and import. It is to honor the gives up made by the members of the Bangladesh Armed forces. They gave and fought their lives in the liberation war.

Armed Forces Day starts with placing of flowery headdress at ‘Shikha Anirban’ at Dhaka Cantonment by the President. The Prime Minister and the Service Chiefs also participate on this. In the afternoon a welcome begins at Senakunja in Dhaka Cantonment. It is held where the Prime Minister, ministers, the leader of opponent and other elevated civil and military officials is there. Naval and Air bases similar receptions are held in additional Cantonments.

On Armed Forces Day a special TV programme “Anirban” is transmitting on dissimilar TV channels. It is the leading evening and particular newspaper additions are also available with national dailies. Receptions are held by the Prime Minister and Service Chiefs for receivers of the courage award Freedom fighter. Enhanced meals for family members are served in all military positions. Armed Forces Division also transports out a particular publication on Armed Forces Day. These articles narrated to the War of Independence and armed forces.


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