Dec 10, 2017

Access Bangladesh is well known NGO has been contributing to the economy of the country. It can contact to the rights of people with disabilities in Bangladesh. The Vision of this foundation is to make sure the empowerment of hindered, poor and very deprived people. They can lead a recovered life and make payments toward poverty improvement in Bangladesh. It advocates and promotes fairness for poor people in all areas of life, during education, health care, suitable training and service and difficulty free nation.

Access Bangladesh provides training of skills development with disabilities and poorer to facilitate employment. It starts projects and programs planed at scarcity easing. It undertakes projects and curriculums for health care, food, sanitation and education. This NGO is expert in suitable policies and legislation for service of persons with policy and judgment. It makes awareness on the causes of poverty and its prevention. Access Bangladesh takes active action in the social moving of people. They help the disaster sufferers in distributing relief goods and medical help by mobile clinic. It carries out research on disability concern. This NGO sets up the rights of the persons with poverty and deprived people in the society through self-earners. It is possible by providing technical knowledge and skill to take up special activities for economic and social development.

Access Bangladesh provides sewing training project for women with poverty. By this project girls and women have become productive resources. They make sure their employ. It will support themselves and their families economically. Disabled small entrepreneur development project also derived by this NGO. This program helps the necessary training to the small entrepreneur for building their capacity. Disabled hawkers development project also managed by Access. It supports the hawkers to raise their existing earning ability and living average. Beside these projects Access Bangladesh operates other projects to remove the tag of poverty in Bangladesh.

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