Jul 14, 2018

Abul Barkat (আবুল বরকত) is considered as a martyr of Bangladesh. He was an activist killed during the Bengali Language Movement of 1952. Abul Barkat was born on 13th June in 1927. His village is situated at Babla village, Bharatpur of Murshidabad in West Bengal. He finished his primary education in Babla primary school. Barkat achieved his matriculation certificate from Talibpur High School in 1945. After that he completed his intermediate in 1947 from Krishnath College. In 1948, he moved to Dhaka City after the separation of India. On that time in 1951, he completed his BA from University of Dhaka in political science. After that he began his MA degree in political science from Dhaka University. As a student of political science he was directly attached with political movement during that period.

People of East Bangle wanted to Bengali Language will be the major language. But the Pakistani Government didn’t want that. Many arguments were arisen with the people of East Bangle. But Pakistani rule insisted them to not to do that. The student of Dhaka declared to make a rally for the demand of Bengali language. But a curfew was declared by the police on 21th February in 1952. Students bought out an objection demanding Bengali language given the rank of national language. They run a rally. The police fired them on the road in front of Dhaka Medical College. Abul Barkat was badly injured and later died at DMC. He was buried at Azimpur Graveyard in Dhaka City. The grave has lost but his mother inducted the Shaheed Minar in 1963.

In 2000, Abul Barkat was honored by Ekushey Padak. A museum named Movement Hero Abul Barkat Memorial Museum has been built for him in Dhaka University campus belong him. A documentary titled Bayanno’r Michhil was made about his life. We will never forget his sacrifice for our mother tongue.

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