Feb 17, 2022

Md. Ismail Ahmed is a Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur. He was born on 03 August 2002. Ismail in the power of Construction in his career. Ismail is a Successful Businessman in Bangladesh. This field has attracted young and dynamic youth. In this short life, he has left a path to success in the world of Real Estate. He established himself as a successful Entrepreneur industry. He started his own company ‘Ismail Varieties Store’. In addition to social responsibility, he is also involved in various social activities, believes that change in society is possible only if positive work is spread. A person should disclose the maximum amount of information that he can achieve but he should be intelligent enough to choose what is right and what is wrong. He always tries to stay positive and works by concentrating on his profession. He emphasized that one should never be complacent about one’s own work. If you make fewer decisions and in the end, you want to achieve, then you are not true to your profession and feel more insignificant. Ismail believes there is no strategy for success. Man succeeds with his honesty, concentration, hard work, and hard work. Asked about his future plans, he said, “I have a long way to go.” The dream skyrockets, the destination is far away.


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