Sylhet Division
Dec 21, 2016

Sylhet City:(সিলেট) is also known as Jalalabad. It is a municipal city in the northeastern region of Bangladesh. It is the executive seat of Sylhet Division. The city stands on the right bank of the Surma River. It has subtropical weather and a green highland ground. The city has a populated with of more than 0.50 million people. Sylhet is one of the most important religious and cultural centres. It is one of the most central city for the economy and tourism. The city’s dargahs describe numerous thousand fans every year.

In 1867 Sylhet municipal board was established. The municipal corporation improved as City Corporation at 9th April in 2001. Sylhet is a major city in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. It is the capital of Sylhet Division. It was approved city status in March of 2009. Sylhet City is surrounded by the Khasi, Tripura hills and Megalithic Tombs Stone. Sylhet was under the kingdom of the Harikela and Kamarupa kingdoms of olden Bengal and Assam.

Sylhet City is one of the largest cities in Bangladesh. The Sylhet region is familiar for its tea gardens and tropical forests. The city is at present known for its business explosion. It is being one of the richest cities in Bangladesh. People invest in luxury housing estates, hotels, shopping malls and brought mainly by emigrants living in the United Kingdom.

Sylhet City consists of twenty-seven wards and two hundred and twelve mahallas. The total area of this city is about twenty-six-kilometre square meters. This city has rapid growth during the majestic period. The average literacy rate of Sylhet city is average. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology is established here.

The transportation system from this city is updated. Visitors from different places can reach Sylhet city by bus train and airport. For the Osmani International Airport, it is very easy to reach this city in a short time.


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