Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
 Logo sust new.png
Motto অন্তরাত্মা
Motto in English Inner spirit
Established 25 August 1986
Type Public
Endowment US$ 25 million
Chancellor President Mohammad Zillur Rahman
Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Saleh Uddin
Academic staff 1,468
Admin. staff 502
Students 15,314
(main campus 10,014)
(affiliated campuses 5,300)
Location Kumargaon, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Campus Urban
320 acres (130 ha) (Main campus)
173 acres (70 ha) (Affiliated campus)
Academic departments 25
Athletics 12 varsity teams
Nickname SUST
Affiliations Association of Commonwealth Universities
International Association of Universities
Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World
University Grants Commission
World Health Organisation

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (also known as SUST) is a state supported, not-for-profit, research university located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is the largest science & technology university in Asia. It is also one of the eight PhD granting research universities of Bangladesh.

The university was founded by the Government of Bangladesh according to a university act in 1986 to give special importance in science and technology education. It is the first specialized science & technology university of the country. After SUST, seven more science and technology universities have been established in Bangladesh. From the beginning of the university it has been strongly following the education system and academic curriculum of the Massachusetts schools. In 2012, SUST ranked 312 in the world in Engineering & Technology in the QS World University Rankings.



Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) was established in 1986. The university started its academic programme from 14 February 1991 with three departments: physics, chemistry and economics. The campus is located in Kumargaon, approximately five kilometers away from the heart of Sylhet City Centre. The first convocation of SUST was held on 29 April 1998 and the second convocation of the university was held on 6 December 2007.[6]SUST is the first specialized science & technology university of Bangladesh. The medium of instructions is English. It is the most IT enabled university of the country. SUST is the first university in Bangladesh providing whole campus free Wi-fi access for students & staffs. The university introduced an integrated honors course for the first time in Bangladesh and it introduced the semester system (American credit system) from the 1996-97 session. According to the masterplan for the university, within a few years Shahjalal University of Science and Technology will be one of the finest institutions of the region.The university students invented and introduced the paperless 24/7 SMS Based Automated Registration of Admission Test procedure for the first time in Bangladesh. Interested students can complete the registration process through mobile phone messages. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the system on 13 September 2009. For the invention, the University won an Ambillion Award in a competition of South Asian countries in 2010 and National Award for E-Content and ICT for Development Award 2010.Now, most of the public universities in Bangladesh have adopted this process of registration.AcademicsAdmissionSUST enrolls undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. Students who want to get admission into SUST need to pass the admission test which is highly competitive. SUST admission test is considered as one of the toughest in Bangladesh. Admission tests are arranged by the specific schools under the authority of admission council. In 2012-2013 session admission test 40,881 candidates competed against of 1,385 seats. The acceptance rate of SUST is 3.39%.Grading systemThe academic year consists of two semesters. Academic courses are based on credit system. The grading system:Student scores overall CGPA above 3.75 is awarded distinction.ConferenceEvery year SUST arranges International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education (CERIE). In ICERIE more than hundred universities attended from different parts of the world and presents research papers in the field of Architecture, Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Petroleum and Geo-resources Engineering, Food Engineering and Tea Technology.Major conferences hosted every year by SUST:

International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education (ICERIE)

International Conference on Advance Physics (ICAP)

International Conference on Environmental Technology and Construction Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICETCESD)

Excluding these, the academic departments hosts numerous conferences on respective fields regularly.CarnivalEvery year SUST arranges three days CSE Carnival. This is the largest campus carnival held in a Bangladesh. The carnival offers Inter University Programming Contest, Software Exposition, Job Fair, Seminar and Gaming Contest. Every year more than hundred universities participate in the carnival.


Vice Chancellor is the Cheif Executive and key person of the university. He approves all kinds of academic and administrative dicesions. So the office of the Vice Chancellor of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology acts as the central focal point of the university. It is housed in the first floor of the new administrative building of the university


Vice Chancellor Phone
Prof Dr Md Saleh Uddin 712706, 715134
mail to: 714306, /301, /201
Deputy Registrar & PS to Vice Chancellor
Mr Md Fazlur Rahman /223, 2831486
mail to:
Administrative Officers
Mr Md Kabir Uddin /202
mail to:
Asst Administrative Officers
Mr Md Uzair Ahmed /202
Mr Kamran Ahmed Chowdhury 202

Office of The Treasurer

In order of precedence of the university, the treasurer being appointed by the Chancellor ranks fourth among those positions, which are mentioned in the University Gazette. As a member of Syndicate, Finance committee and other important bodies of the university, the Treasurer accomplishes important duties and responsibilities.


Treasurer Phone
Prof Dr Md Elias Uddin Biswas 716312, 721101 /203
PA to Treasurer
Mr Md Anamul Haque /203

Dormitories / Halls:


Shahporan Hall was established in 1991.The first Provost of the hall was appointed in 1992.The hall has four blocks, one canteen, one mosque, one game room, two TV rooms and a reading room. Each block is facilitated with a dining room where students take their breakfast, lunch and dinner. The student`s capacity of the hall 453. One wing of a block (D block) of the hall is for the foreign students. There are eleven foreign students in that wing. To support the student’s food, cleaning, ironing and hair cutting, there is a laundry shop, a hair saloon and a fast food shop adjacent to the hall. To facilitate indoor games, there is a room in the ground floor of C block. The hall has two TV room with satellite connection.

Provost Phone
Mr Syed Hasanuzzaman
Associate Professor, Dept of Economics
/252, 01710424106
Assistant Provosts
Mr Ram Krishna Saha
Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry
Mr Swapan Kumar Sarker
Assistant Professor, Dept of FES
Mr Mohammed Anwar Hossain
Assistant Professor, Dept of Sociology
Mr Md Mostafizur Rahman
Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry
Mr Mizanur Rahman
Assistant Professor, Dept of FES
Mr Monir Uddin Ahmed
Lecturer, Dept of Economics
Mr Md Amdadul Haque
Lecturer, Dept of Political Studies
Senior Hall Supervisor
Md Amirul Haque Chy
Imam and Khatib
Moulana Md Abdul Jolil

1st LADIES HALL Email :

University halls are meant to be a “home away from home” place for the students during the years they spent st SUST. The authority looks forward to working for the increase of student facilities and the welfare of the students.

Since the infancy of this university, accommodations for the female students have been considered with the right emphasis. Many a time there have been a lot of unintentional inconveniences but the authority always keeps its venture on to remove the accommodation crisis specially that of the female students. As a part of this venture the first ladies’ hall started its journey with 40 students in 1993. This number has multiplied into manifolds with passage of time. The number of seats has been increased up to 300 and presently almost 400 students are accommodated in the first ladies’ hall and two other affiliated (rented) buildings of the university. The hall provides some other facilities to students besides their accommodations and that includes setting up of a big-screen television with cable connection in the common-room, subscribing national dailies, photocopying, dining and canteen facilities.

The management infrastructure of this hall has one provost, one super, an upper division assistant and an office assistant. We are elated with hope that The 4th block of the first ladies hall will be constructed soon and will contribute a good deal to accommodate good number of female students of the university.

Provost Phone
Dr Nazia Chawdhury
Professor, Dept of Physics
/495, 01733905271
Assistant Provosts
Mrs Zayeda Sharmin
Associate Professor, Dept of Political Studies
Mrs Mahruba Sharmin Chowdhury
Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE
Ms Shirin Akter Sarker
Assistant Professor, Dept of Bangla
Ms Halima Akter
Lecturer, Dept of Anthropology
Ms Shilpy Rani Basak
Lecturer, Dept of CEE
Ms Nayeema Ahmed
Lecturer, Dept of Bussines Administration
Samshad Nowreen
Lecturer, Dept of Geography & Environment


The 2nd Students Hall is near the Shahparan Hall, about 08/10 minutes walking distance from the heart of the campus. Any male student can apply for a seat in the Hall. This Hall authority provides residence facilities on the basis of merit and seniority. The Hall, as of now, can provide residence facilities to 408 students.

The building of the 2nd Students Hall has four floors. In each floor there are 25 furnished rooms and 26 Wash Rooms. Preliminarily, students are given residence for one semester or for one whole academic year as applicable.

The 2nd Students Hall of this University is surrounded by a charming landscape. Students have access to common room, reading room, mosque, stationery shop, canteen and all recreational facilities.

The management of the consists of a Provost and six Assistant provosts, one hall supervisor, one office assistant and a peon. Maintenance of the hall is done by one electrician and one plumber. There are six security guards, one gardener, four cleaners and two sweepers under the hall management. An Imam and a Moajen looks after the hall mosque.

Provost Phone
Muhammad Omar Faruk
Assistant Professor, Dept of Physics
Assistant Provosts
Dr Sujoy Chakraborty
Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics
/478, 01712622449
Mr Md Mohibul Alam
Assistant Professor, Dept of CEPS
/259, 01712565401
Mr Sebak Kumar Saha
Lecturer, Dept of Sociology
Mr Md Shakhinur Islam Mondal
Assistant Professor, Dept of GEB
Mr Al Amin Rabby
Lecturer, Dept of Sociology
Mr Md Ruhul Amin
Lecturer, Dept of CSE
Mr Animesh Sarkar
Lecturer, Dept of FETT
Mohammad Fakhrus Salam
Lecturer, Dept of Political Studies


Provost Phone
Dr Rockshana Begum
Associate Professor, Dept of Chemistry
Assistant Provosts
Mrs Jobada Kanak Khan
Assistant Professor, Dept of GEB
Mrs Zafrin Ahmed Liza
Lecturer, Dept of Anthropology


Provost Phone
Dr Neaz Ahmed
Professor, Dept of Social Work
/458, 01716382906
Assistant Provosts
Mr Md Fakhrul Alam
Lecturer, Dept of GEB
Mr Nikhilendu Deb
Lecturer, Dept of Sociology

Office of the Registrar:

Office of the Registrar is the locutory nexus of all administrative works of which Registrar is the headman. Under his disposal, at present, work three Deputy Registrars (here after DR) and many other executive and regular office staff.


Registrar Phone
Mr Mohd Ishfaqul Hussain 712784, 724690 /204
Deputy Registrars Phone
Mr Zubayer Ahmed Chowdhury /236, 714358
Mr Md Fazlur Rahman /223 2831486
Mr Sayed Salim Md Abdul Kadir /221
Assistant Registrars Phone
Ms Shaheena Sultana 01760224695
Mr Md Abdur Rashid /236, 01712722764
Mr Md Abu Helal Chowdhury /229, 01712057174
Mr Md Nazim Uddin Khan /243, 01716084667
Mr A F M Miftaul Hoque /223, 01712641045
Mr Md Eunus Ali /229, 01712224569
Mr Sufian Chowdhury /236
Mr A F M Salahuddin
Mr Ataur Rahman /229
Mr Shahin Ahmed Chowdhury /204 713810
Asstt. Registrar (Security) Phone
Mr Md Rezaul Karim /222 /316
Administrative Officers Phone
Mst Shabiha Yeasmin 01712087857
Mr Md Aminul Haque /230, 01716904968
Mr Nayeem Uddin Ahmed 01717869561
Mr Muazzom Ahmed Chowdhury /236, 01818071669
Mrs Afrose Sultana* 01926667404
Mrs Rasheda Khatun /236, 01926676808
Mr Md Giash Uddin Khan 01715504890
Mr Md Nazmul Haque 01712323676
Mr AZM Tamrinul Hasan /222, 019126667440
Mr Rajiv Shee /230, 01824589731
Mr Md Jamal Uddin 01712056751
Asst Programmer Phone
Mr Foysol Ahmed 01915465304
Asst Administrative Officers Phone
Mr Rajiv Shee /230, 01824589731
Mr Md Nurul Amin 01728204067
Mr Sudip Kumar Bhattacharjee 01726015290
Mr Mohammad Afzalur Rahim Chowdhury
Mrs. Kalpana Paul
Shokrana Begum
junior Store Officer Phone
Ms Jannatul Maoa Chowdhury 01727116900
Junior Officers Phone
Mr Md Moynul Hoque 01711386001
Ms Tahmina Khanam 01915850619
Ms Manoshi Dash 01726450551
Mr Prodip Chandra Das 01717258368
Mr Sontu Ranjan Mollik 01819659649
Dewan Hasib Raza Choudhury 01712254383
Legal Advisor Phone
Advocate Khijir Ahmed 01711362225
Advocate Md Abdul Quddus 01711812365

Other Offices



Name Phone email
College Inspcetor
Mr Prodip Kumar Basak 0171514112
Assistant College Inspcetor
Mr Md Tajim Uddin 01712795904




Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Mr. Mollah Akbar Hossain /218, 724699,
Deputy Directors
Mr. A K M Ferdous /234 01711101634
Assistant Registrar
Mr. Kalam Ahmed Chowdhury /244, 2832680, 01917174738
Mr Ahmed Mahboob Ferdousi /244, 01711311574
Administrative Officer
Mr. Abdul Hye 01718377590
Asst Administrative Officer
Md. Ashraful Islam
Junior Officers
Ms Zahura Begum 01196067946
Ms Purabi Chatterjee 01712757002


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Controller of Examinations(In-charge)
Mr Md Mahbub Hossain /245 01552424489
Deputy Controller of Exams
Mr Md Mujibur Rahman** 722336
Mr Md Mahbub Hossain /245 01552424489
Asst Controller of Exams
Mrs Suchmita Rani Chowdhury 712000
Administrative Officers
Mr Md Abu Yousuf 01731001131
Mr Makhlisur Rahman* 01717679068
Mr Tapos Kumar Das 01712537427
Asst Administrative Officers
Mr Harun-Ur Roshid 01914939651
Mr Ubaydul Hoque 01714630393
Nazma Begum
Md. Habibur Rahman
Abdul Shahid
Senior Store Keepers
Mr Md Abdul Mumin 01714913011
Junior Officer
Ms Rahena Akhtar 01717020738


University Engineer ( In-charge)
Mr Syed Habibur Rahman 721988/216 /314 01711349525
Superintending Engineers
Mr Syed Habibur Rahman /208
Mr Md Ahsan Habib**
Mr Md Jaynal Islam Chowdhury 725326/219
Executive Engineer
Mr Md Matiur Rahman 725480/228
Asst Engineer
Mr Md Nazim Uddin 2832937/213
Mr Md Abdul Karim 810409
Mr Bikash Chandra Das /247 813922
Mr. Md. Hasanuzzaman
Mr Murshed Ahmed Choudhury 713573
Sub-Assistant Engineer
Mr. Helal Uddin Mahmud
Mr. Zoinal Ahmed
Asst Adminestrative Officers
Mr Md Azad Miah
Mr Banendra Chandra Deb 01739807680


Chief Medical Officer
Dr Md Mahbub Ahmed /237 /315 0171145044
Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Dr Md Zahed Uddin /238 01716073042
Medical Officers
Dr Syeda Shamim Ara /210 01711967291
Dr Krishno Pado Acharjee 01712354447
Junior Medical Officer
Dr Mohammad Shafiul Islam 01711363848
Dr Rezwana Habiba
Senior Pharmacist
Mr Syed Abu Bakar /210 717585
Mrs. Rina Ferdousi /210 0173390291



Deputy Director
Mr Chowdhury Saud Bin Ambia /214
Asst Director
Ms Meher Ara Begum /214
Physical Instructors
Mr Muhammad Shahidul Islam /214
Mr Md Rashidul Hasan /214



Prof Dr Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
/255 724640 /312
System & Network Engineer
Mr A S M Khayrul Akter Chowdhury
/255 810421
Asst Programmer
Mr Syed Ahmed
Asst Administrative Officer
Md. Kawsar Ahmed Chowdhury
Md. Rezaul Karim,


Dr Md Anowarul Islam
Professor Dept of Mathematics
/260 716131


Dr Himadri Sekhar Roy
Associate Professor, Dept. of English
716185(Office), 717422(Res), 01719266004, /215
Assistant Proctors
Dr Dipen Debnath
Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
01733542585, /439
Mr Md. Mohibul Alam
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CEP
01712565401, /259
Mr Mohammed Shafiqul Islam
Assistant Professor, Dept. of English
01712282136, /246
Mr A K M Nurul Hossain
Lecturer, Dept. of Economics
01911708277 ,/469
Mr Abu Awal Md Shoeb
Lecturer, Dept. of CSE
01552437771, /254
Niloy Chandro Sharker
Lecturer, Dept. of CEP
01717206448, /259
Shishir Kanti Pramanik
Lecturer, Dept. of Chemistry
01717266762, /251


Transport Administrator
Dr Md Abdul Ghani /224 /328 /283
Asst Engineer
Mr Amran Ahmed Chowdhury //224 725326
Asst Administrative Officer
Mr Mohammad Abul Bashar > 01670119002


Imam and Khatib
Moulana Md Motiur Rahman /255
Lt Dr Md Ashraful Karim
PUO Mohammad Nashir Uddin
PUO Afsana Salam


Head Master
Mr Rafique Ahmed Chowdhury /281

Department of Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Asst Instrument Engineer
Mr Md Ferdous Rahman 01716467214
Senior Store Keeper
Mr A. B. M. Enayet Hussain 01711399865
Junior Officer
Mr Md Habibur Rahman 01917174688

Department of Chemistry


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Instrument Engineer
Mr Md Zakaria 251 01727545469
Asst Instrument Engineer
Mr A. K. M. Zakir Hussain 251 01712987407
Mr Md Zohurul Alam 251 01911226270

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Asst Instrument Engineer
Mr Md Nazrul Islam 269 01199360136
Mr Md Abul Kashem 269 01912175969
Mr A H M Humayun Kabir 269 01716110703
Store Officer
Mr Muhammed Shah Alam 269 01716110703

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Principal Instrument Engineer
Dr Kh Md Mominul Haque 01711300969
Asst Instrument Engineer
Mr Md Salah Uddin 01712332495
Mrs Quazi Rahima Zebunnesa Begum 724627
Mr Sukh Ranjan Chanda 01729671342
Store Officer
Mr Mohammed Jaynal Abedin 01716817062

Department of Forestry & Environmental Science


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Asst Instrument Engineer
Mr Md Babul Hossain 01716675151

Department of Industrial & Production Engineering


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Asst Instrument Engineer
Mr A S H Musanna Zami 268 01740640330
Mr Md Abul Kashem 268
Engr Mohammed Rafiqullah 268 01712639072

Department of Physics


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Asst Instrument Engineer
Mr Md Saleh Ahmed 253, 2833103 01711300662
Mr Md Moynul Islam Chowdhury 253 01717153784
Mr Md Selim Reza 253 01711570137
Mr Md Jamal Hossain 253 01718285834
Asst Technical Officer
Mr A. K. M. Mahbubur Rahman 253, 722759 01711449688
Senior Store Keeper
Mr Mohammed Ruhel 253, 711236 01914215400

Department of Statistics


Name Phone(office) Phone(res) email
Senior Store Keeper
Mr Md. Sultan Ahmed 257 01716386869



Mascots made by the Architecture students, for the Pohela Boishakh procession

SUST has academic collaboration with following institutes:

  • Karlsruhe University, Germany
  • University of Calabria, Italy
  • Fachhochschule, Germany
  • Saint Mary’s University (Halifax), Canada
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Assam University, India
  • Staffordshire University, UK
  • Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Jiangsu University, China
  • University of Calabria, Italy
  • Institute on Membrane Technology, Italy
  • University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Bilkent University, Turkey
  • United Nations Development Programme

RankingIn 2012, SUST ranked 312 in the world in Engineering & Technology in the QS World University Rankings.Schools and departments

SUST programming team placed 98th among 2200 universities in ACM ICPC 2012

SUST has 26 departments under 7 schools. According to the master plan it will have 8 schools with a number of departments. By following the master plan of the university, one more school and some departments are under consideration. The schools are:School of Agriculture and Mineral Sciences

  • Department of Forestry and Environmental Science

School of Applied Sciences & Technology

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Polymer Science
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Department of Food Engineering & Tea Technology
  • Department of Industrial and Production Engineering
  • Department of IT & Software Engineering (under consideration)
  • Department of Materials Science & Design Engineering (under consideration)
  • Department of Petroleum & Mining Engineering

School of Life Sciences

  • Department of Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Department of Public Health & Informatics

School of Law

  • Department of Law (under consideration)

School of Management and Business Administration

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Business & ICT (under consideration)

School of Medical Sciences

  • Affiliated medical colleges

School of Physical Sciences

  • Department of Pharmacy (under consideration)
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Geography and Environment (GEE)
  • Department of Microbiology (under consideration)
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics

School of Social Sciences

  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Bengali
  • Department of Communications
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of English
  • Department of Political Studies
  • Department of Public Administration
  • Department of Social Work
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Urban & Regional Planning (URP)

Affiliated collegeThe university has eight affiliated colleges:

  • Sylhet Engineering College
  • M.A.G. Osmani Medical College, Sylhet
  • Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College
  • North East Medical College
  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College
  • Durre Samad Rahman Women’s Red Crescent Medical College
  • Sylhet Nursing College
  • North East Nursing College


The research institutes of SUST are:PGD In ITInstitute of Information and Communication TechnologyCRTC ArchitectureDepartment of Architecture Center for Research, Testing, and Consultancy (CRTC Architecture) focuses on research areas such as building planning and design, interior design, landscape development, urban planning and urban renewal, conservation of historical sites and monuments, architecture of Bengal region, sustainable design, low cost housing etc. according to regional context. The center has been widely working with the traditional house forms, settlement pattern, urban growth and architectural development of the region. Recently it has undertaken a housing project adjacent to Sylhet-Sunamganj highway that is nearly completed. The housing project offers a sustainable community environment through contemporary architectural design.CRTC CSEThe CRTC program, Department of Computer Science & Engineering focuses on research areas such as Optical Character Recognition, Parallel Processing, Cluster Computer, CodeWitz, Asia Link Project, Cellular Phone & Computer Interfacing, Bangla Computerization, Natural Language Processing etc. The software house offers professional working environment to the students.CRTC CEECivil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department established the centre for research, testing and consultancy (CRTC) to provide research, testing and consultancy services in 2003. CRTC designed water treatment plant to remove high concentration of iron (>11mg/lit) in ground water of Sylhet region, such a plant has been successfully operating in Hotels in Sylhet city. CTRC already planned and designed the structural and drainage systems of the Madina Garden City near Sylhet International Airport including EIA and recently has been working for Gazi Burhan Uddin Model City near Sylhet upashahar. CRTC has been performing all kind of testing in the field of water, waste water, cement, concrete, rod beam, soil, air, noise etc. since 2003.CRTC PhysicsThe CRTC program, Department of Physics has numbers of research groups have research activities in areas of Theoretical and Experimental Nuclear Physics, Nonlinear Optics, Thin film Magnetism, Neutron Scattering, Neutron Activation Analysis, Neutron Radiography, Defects in Solids, Semiconductor Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Gravitational Physics and Celestial Mechanics and Theoretical Physics.Life at SUSTCampusThe 320 acres land area of SUST campus makes it one of the largest universities in Bangladesh. The university campus is famous for its natural beauty. Many visitors come to Sylhet visit the “Shahid Minar” (Martyr’s Memorial) of the university. The memorial stands on the top of a small hill and is surrounded by trees. Different cultural organizations arrange programs on the premises on local and national occasions.The first ever Bangladesh Mathematics Olympiad was held in Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in 2004.Students of SUST consistently take a good number of places in the country’s national civil service examinations. Many alumni can be found doing graduate studies and researches at renowned universities around the world.Prominent teachers/lecturers there include the Bangladeshi writer and scientist, Muhammed Zafar Iqbal, who is a professor of Computer Science and Engineering as well as the head of the department.ClassesSUST has an extensive core curriculum required of all undergraduates. SUST is the first university in Bangladesh to adopt American course credit systems for all departments. The syllabus are always updated frequently to maintain the global standard of education.


SUST has a common Central Library with a collection of 180,000 volumes and 300 current periodical subscriptions for all academic departments. The library includes electronic copies of books, which can be accessed from any academic department through electronic local area networking(LAN). Per year around 2000 volumes are added in this library. The library building of SUST is famous for its attractive triangular shape. It has also a free internet browsing facility and rental library program. Additionally, there are also departmental library in each academic department and hall library in each residential halls. Library has an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC).International StudentsSUST also welcomes foreign students. There is a significant number of international students, especially from Nepal. There are also some students in its affiliated medical college from Indian Kashmir. Every year SUST receives applications from abroad. Most international students come from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Japan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Palestine, China, Myanmar etc.Halls of Residence

Currently there are 5 halls of residence. A significant number of students reside privately near the university area of Sylhet metro.

Halls of Residence:

  • Shah Paran Hall
  • 2nd Students Hall
  • Syed Mujtaba Ali Hall
  • 1st Ladies Hall
  • Begum Sirajunnesa Chowdhury Hall

There are also well decorated houses for the faculty members of SUST. University authority is also running some private halls of residence outside the main campus especially for female students to confirm cent percent guaranteed housing for female students. These Halls are:

  • Amir Complex
  • Fazal Complex
  • Masum Villa
  • Samad House
  • Maa Manjil
  • Sunu Mia Complex


The students of this university participate in sports for recreation and the finest athletes regularly compete in inter-university games like football, handball, volleyball, basketball etc. SUST has some varsity teams. There is a Cricket ground, a Football ground, a Basketball ground and well equipped gymnasium adjacent to the university student health center. SUST is the only university to have Professional Cricket League and Professional Football League. Students organize both inter-department and inter-university tournaments for popular games every year. Girls and teachers also participate in several games.University SchoolSUST has a university school of secondary level inside the campus for the children of staffs. The school also receives general students.

Grading System in SUST
Class Interval Letter Grade Grade Point
80-100 A+ 4.00
75-79 A 3.75
70-74 A- 3.50
65-69 B+ 3.25
60-64 B 3.00
55-59 B- 2.75
50-54 C+ 2.50
45-49 C 2.25
40-44 C- 2.00
0-39 F 0.00


Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Kumargaon, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh
Phone: PABX : 880-821-713491, 714479, 713850, 717850, 716123, 715393
FAX : 880-821-715257, 725050
Website :
E-mail :


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