Rajshahi Division
Dec 21, 2016

Rajshahi City:(রাজশাহী) is a city in west-central region of Bangladesh. It is located just north side of the Padma River. It was comprised a city in 1876. Now it is developed and most important educational center of Bangladesh.

Rajshahi City is also termed as Education city of Bangladesh. It is home to many private and government educational organization. University of Rajshahi is the second oldest university of Bangladesh. It was established in 1953 in Rajshahi City. It has a huge campus of seven hundred and fifty three acres area. It is looks like a park of natural beauty. Rajshahi College is another older educational institution of Rajshahi. There are a Varendra Research Museum, Medical College Hospital, Sericulture Institute etc. situated in this city.

The Shahid Qumruzzaman central park and zoo are the main attraction of Rajshahi city. A wide area with green trees and grasses also houses special animal species. This place is located by the bank of river Padma. There are other parks in the city like Captain Monsur Ali Park Bhubon Mohon Park, etc. Shahid Zia children’s park specially designed for the children.

Bank of the Padma River beside the city is also very popular purpose for recreation. The bank is intended sector in many parts of the city to house city dwellers. Munsguard Park near is wonderful Old Dutch Borokuthi building. The Lalonshah Park near shahmukhdum eidgah is newly built.  The purpose is to give city people a nice place to enjoy the outstanding views of Padma River. Every day a lot of people are gathering this place. It looks like a fair in the evening period.

The transportation system to Rajshahi City is very comfortable. At any time of the day there are many bus services are available from Dhaka. The railway station of Rajshshi City is connected with all station of Bangladesh. Travelers can also reach here traveling by air. There is a domestic airport in Rajshahi City.


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