Mymensingh Division
Jul 23, 2016

The greater Mymensingh division was created as a district in 1787 by the British India government. Recently Mymensingh division is the launched division in Bangladesh. Mymensingh division has become eighth division in 2015. Before that Mymensingh division is the Northern district of Dhaka division.

Mymensingh division is consisted of four district as well as Jamalpur, Mymensingh division, Netrokona and Sherpur. Mymensingh division has ten thousand four hundred and eighty five square kilometers. Over eleven million people are living in Mymensingh division.

Mymensingh division is full of natural beauties with rivers, lakes and forests. Main rivers of Mymensingh division are Brahmaputra, Satia, Ksiru, Pagariya, Nageshwara, Nitai, Kansa and so many. Main occupation of Mymensingh division is agriculture.

Literacy rate of Mymensingh division is 39.10%. There are many educational institutes like primary schools, high school, colleges, madrasas, vocational institute, training institute, universities and medical college established in Mymensingh division. The largest agricultural university Bangladesh Agriculture University is situated in Mymensingh division.

Mymensingh division is also an industrial area. There are three large industries. Around one hundred and forty one small industries and factories have established.

Mymensingh division is an agricultural area. In Mymensingh division many hectares are cultivating fishes. Mymensingh division has ninety advice centers, three hundred and sixteen BADC seed dealers, one hundred and forty BCIC fertilizer dealers, fifty nine mini laboratories of soil and a cold store. There are also eighteen food warehouse and five hundred and seventy one markets situated in Mymensing division.

Beside Muslim other religious people are living in Mymensingh division. There are above ten thousand mosques, two hundred and fifteen temples and seventy nine churches have established in Mymensingh division. Some tribe people also live in this region. They live by their own tradition and culture. All people are very industries, friendly and polite.

Mymensingh division is also a tourist place. The communication system from Dhaka city to Mymensingh division is very easy. People can move to Mymensingh division by bus and train within few hours.


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