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Haji Shariatullah

Haji Shariatullah

Dec 11, 2017

Haji Shariatullah was a renowned Islamic reformer of the Indian sub-continent in British India. He is known for beginning the Faraizi movement. Shariatpur District is named following him. Shariatullah was born into a little Talukdar family in 1781. It was the village named Shamail. It is the Madaripur sub-district of greater Faridpur District in Bengal. Abdul Jalil Talukdar was his father, a farmer. When Shariatullah was eight years old he died.

Haji Shariatullah went to Calcutta. He was admitted to Barasat Alia Madrasa after his primary education. He then received education from famous Madrassa of Furfura Sharif in Murshidabad. He travelled to Arabia in 1799. He stayed there awaiting 1818 and achieved his religious education. He learnt Arabic and Persian language. He achieved it from his teacher Maulana Basharat. He was unfair by the Najdi da’wah. It started by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab during his stay in Arabia. He still is said to have visited Al Azhar.

People have known him for Faraizi Movement. The Faraizi movement was begun to circulate with amazing rapidness in the districts of Dhaka, Madaripur, Faridpur, Mymensingh, Barisal and Comilla. The Faraizi Movement basically a religious alteration movement had appeared forth during the 19th century. It is originated by him for the Bengali Muslims.

Haji Shariatullah then and there had confirmed to transport. It was the Bengali Muslims into the true path of Islam. He died in 1840. After his death the leadership has changed. It was given to Muhsinuddin Ahmad Dudu Miyan. He was the son of Haji Shariatullah.

Madaripur is a district in the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. It was named Shariatpur District in honor of Haji Shariatullah. Bangladesh concerned a postage trample honoring him on 10th March in 1993. Hazi Shariatullah Bridge made over the Arial Khan River is named following him.


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