Bangladeshi Freelancers Marketplace Belancer
Mar 20, 2015

The freelancers of Bangladesh now they can enjoy. Now they get a freelancers marketplace for outsourcing. “Outsourcing” this word is new in Bangladesh. But in the world people can earn money by outsourcing. From 2003 people of Bangladesh start outsourcing but that is too little.

In 2012, outsourcing becomes most popular earning sector in Bangladesh. They start outsourcing at oDesk (now UpWork), Freelancer etc. But they all-time find a local freelancers marketplace where they can start outsourcing.

The Information and Communication Technology Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak did this job. There will be a Bangladeshi marketplace and name of this freelancers marketplace will “Belancer”. At the present this Bangladeshi freelancers marketplace “Belancer” develop in last stage. After this testing Bangladeshi marketplace it will launch in April.

As a result who raised their work on other marketplace, now they can raise their work on our Bangladeshi marketplace. It will become international marketplace as like oDesk (Upwork), Freelancer, Envato Studio, PeoplePerHour etc. In this marketplace almost all of the benefit will include which are those international marketplaces. To make this Bangladeshi marketplace branding, build reliable technical capacity, payment procedure, investment, freelancers and clients’ confidence and interest in The Information and Communication Technology Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak provide proper instruction.

Before purchase the “Blancer” domain name Bangladeshi marketplace start working in another name. The CEO of this Bangladeshi marketplace Shafiul Alam said, this a huge undertaking. It takes long time to buildup. For buildup this project we face many problem but we overcome those.

Without Bangladeshi government this Bangladeshi marketplace did not have the option to make it a brand, reliable technical capabilities, payment process, investments, etc. We have to thank to The Information and Communication Technology Minister Junaid Ahmed Palak. Without his instruction we don’t do this project.

Peoples of Bangladesh now wait for their own marketplace. Everyone become happy that, now they can work their own marketplace.

Freelancers Marketplace: “Belancer


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