Shaheed Chandu Stadium
Feb 01, 2017

Shaheed Chandu Stadium Bengali: (শহীদ চান্দু ষ্টেডিয়াম) is located at Bogra district. This stadium was previously known as Divisional Stadium. It is located in northwestern side of Bogra district. There is a swimming pool and a theme park is before of it. In the west there is a big ranch and in the north there is a freshly closed kill house. It was became a Test Cricket venue on 8th March 2006. On that time it hosted a test match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Shaheed Chandu Stadium has a total capacity of fifteen thousand seats. The ground has field lengths of 175 meters long and 140 meters width. The last International match was played in 2006 here between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. This stadium has been hosting domestic cricket since 2006.

Shaheed Chandu Stadium in Rajshahi Division was one of the five reason-built cricket grounds. It established in accumulate to the 2004 Under 19 World Cup. It was in conclusion decided full international status in January 2006. Bogra serves as the bravery centre of northern Bangladesh. The promise of international cricket is an important step in its expansion as a city of note. The recent building of a four-star hotel transports the city into line with ICC lodging requirements.

At first there was transportation problems, player’s lodging problems and other some few of problems arise.  Bangladesh Cricket Board was precluded matches being hosted at the venue. In the city there was no airport. So that made it difficult to host international matches. Additionally there are not so many hotels required by the ICC.  The Bangladesh Cricket Board and the Government of Bangladesh had been trying to solve these problems. At present there is an airport built. Gradually, this stadium will be an international stadium very soon. People can go there by bus, train, and by air easily from Dhaka city.


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