Twitter in Bangla
Aug 28, 2014

There are so many social media in the world. Twitter is one of them. Twitter is most popular social media in the world. Now Twitter in Bangla people can write in Bengali language on Twitter. This service is available on Twitter’s main website, (, android and IOS application.

As a result people can write and read tweets in Bengali language. In addition to the Vietnamese, Czech, Romanian and Ukrainian language has been added on TwiBangla_Twitter _Bangladeshinformaiton.info2tter. Volunteers translated into different languages.

From Tuesday the ordinary users can get benefits of these languages. To select the preferred Bengali or other languages go to the Twitter settings option and choose the language.

Anyone can associate Twitter language translation. They can submit exact meaning of a word or line. After selecting and testing by the operators, those are added to original Twitter Bengali language. Anyone can add Bengali translation on in this address.


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